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Bus Routes 2018/2019

Please note that stops and routes and times are correct as of 21st August 2017 but may be liable to change if circumstances dictate. Any changes will be notified prior to the start of the academic year.
Students should arrive at their stop at least 5 minutes before pick-up time.
 BLUE 1 (Seating 86)AMPM
1Isham/By the Church07:3017:05
2Weetabix Station Road07:3216:58
3Junction A6 Station Road07:3516:55
4Barton Seagrave/’The Stirrup Cup’07:4016:36
5Warkton Lane / Constable Lane07:4416:34
6Warkton Lane / Stubbs Lane07:4716:32
 BLUE 2 (Seating 78)AMPM
1St Johns Road / Churchill Road / Ise Lodge07:3516:57
2St Johns Road / Top of Deeble Road07:3816:55
3Deeble Road Garage07:4016:52
4Deeble Road / Ise Community Centre07:4216:50
5Stamford Road / Junction Ivy Road07:4516:47
6Weekley Village07:4716:45
7Geddington / Bus Stop07:5016:42
8Geddington / Bus Stop07:5316:40
 BLUE 3 (Seating 78)AMPM
1Montagu Street / Warren Pub07:4016:45
2Bath Road / Junction Stamford Road07:4316:42
3Bath Road / Junction Cedar Road07:4416:41
4Bath Road / Junction Kipling Road07:4616:39
5Brambleside / Briars Pub07:5116:34
6Bramble Close07:5216:33
 BLUE 4 (Seating 78)AMPM
1Pytchley / Lay-By07:4016:50
2Kettering / Pytchley Road07:4516:45
3Windmill Avenue/ Pipers Hill Road07:4716:43
4St Marys Road07:4916:42
5St Marys Road / Junction London Road07:5016:41
6Broadway / Junction Headway07:5216:39
7Northfield / Wickes08:0016:37
8Rockingham Road / Opp Beeswing Pub08:0216:34
9Great Oakley / Lewin Road / Briery Close08:1016:20
 GREEN 1 (seating 78)AMPM
1Gipsy Lane07:3016:35
2Gipsy Lane / Bowhill07:3116:36
3Northampton Road / Hall Lane07:3216:37
4Northampton Road / Before Roundabout07:3316:38
5Mawsley Village / Before Roundabout07:4216:47
6Broughton Bus Stop07:5016:58
7Red Phone Box / Junction Cransley Road07:5317:00
8Cransley / Three Cranes Pub07:5617:02
9Loddington / Top of Cransley Road08:0017:04
10Kettering Crematorium (AM Only)08:04-
11Corby / Viking Way08:1416:20
12Corby / Copenhagen Road08:1616:22
 GREEN 2 (seating 86)AMPM
1The Co-op / Braybrooke Road07:3916:42
2Ta Bros Chip Shop07:4116:44
3Dunkirk Avenue / Recreation Ground Stop07:4316:46
4Dunkirk Avenue / Headlands Bus Stop07:4516:50
 GREEN 3 (seating 78)AMPM
1Rothwell / Market Street07:3016:38
2Rothwell / Fox Street07:3316:36
 RED 1 (seating 78)AMPM
1Gretton School07:3016:42
2Gretton Road Bus Stop by Kestrel Road07:3516:36
3Weldon / Stamford Road07:4216:29
4Weldon / Junction Corby/Stamford Road07:4416:28
5Weldon / Corby Road Bus Stop07:4516:27
6Occupation Road / Our Lady’s Church07:4716:24
7Forest Gate Rd / Junction Charnwood Rd07:4816:23
8Police Station / Elizabeth Street07:4916:22
9Gainsborough Road / St Patricks Church07:5116:20
10Gainsborough Road / Junction Blake Road07:5216:19
11Sower Leys Road Bus Stop07:5416:18
 YELLOW (seating 82)AMPM
1Brigstock / Green Dragon07:3016:55
2Stanion Bus Stop07:3316:52
3Little Stanion / First Roundabout07:3616:49
4Lloyds Road, Kwik Fit07:4016:45
5Rockingham Rd / Junction Occupation Rd07:4316:42
6Welland Vale Road / Ennerdale Road07:4516:39
7Welland Vale Shops07:4716:37
8Shetland Way / Nene Cresent07:5016:34
9Kingsthorpe Avenue / Grendon Avenue07:5316:30
10Kingsthorpe Avenue / Abingdon Road07:5516:28
11Beanfield Avenue / St Brendons Church07:5716:27
12Beanfield Avenue / St Ninians Church08:0016:26
13Greenhill Rise Shops / Opposite Hazel Tree08:0316:24
14Gainsborough Rd / Coldermeadow Avenue08:0516:22
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Copyright © 2007 - 2018, Brooke Weston Academy. All rights reserved.
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