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Acceptable Use of Academy Transport

Before the Bus Arrives
  • Always arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before departure time and have your Student Card ready for inspection
  • Wait on the pavement, well back from the road, staying away from the kerb.
  • Students should behave in a sensible manner and respect both the environment and persons around them.
When the Bus Arrives
  • Stand well back from the point where the bus is to stop and wait for the bus to become stationary before boarding.
  • Do not push others around you or rush for the door.
  • Board the bus in an orderly and safe manner.
Getting on the Bus
  • Always show your bus pass to the driver when boarding.
  • Find a seat quickly and quietly without pushing.
  • Always listen to any instructions that the drivers give and do as they say.
  • Do NOT board a vehicle whilst wearing dirty sports kit or other soiled clothing or footwear.
When you are on the Bus
  • Students must remain seated at all times whilst the bus is moving.
  • Behave sensibly. Misbehaving can be dangerous and may cause an accident.
  • Eating, drinking, smoking, dropping litter, or use of foul and abusive language on the bus is not allowed.
  • Bad or dangerous behaviour will not be tolerated and will lead to cancellation of your use of Academy transport.
  • If your behaviour has resulted in you being banned from using Academy transport then your parents will have to make alternative arrangements to get you to school.
  • Leave the doors alone. Doors must only be operated by the driver (except in an emergency).
  • It is important that the driver is not distracted during the journey. Do not talk to him/her while the bus is being driven, unless there is an emergency.
  • In the event of a breakdown, accident or emergency do not panic. The driver will give you instructions on how to proceed and you must follow these instructions.
Getting off the Bus
  • Remain seated until the vehicle has completely stopped and the doors are opened.
  • You should disembark in a quiet and orderly manner.
  • Do not push other students or behave in a manner that could cause them to fall down the stairs or be pushed through doors.
  • Make sure that you take all of your belongings with you when leaving the bus.
  • If you do find that you have left any items on the bus, please contact reception or speak to a member of the Buildings staff as soon as possible.

Older students ‐ please remember that your actions may influence younger children. Set A Good Example.

Return Journey
  • All buses leave from the front of the building.
  • At the end of the Academy day please ensure that you proceed to your designated bus in a quiet and sensible manner, having collected your personal belongings along the way.
  • All buses will be clearly marked with their route on coloured card in the front windscreen.
  • If you think that you may be delayed for any reason, please contact a member of staff immediately.
  • When leaving the bus, please ensure that you leave in a sensible and safe manner.
  • Remember NOT to cross the road close behind or in front of the bus. Always wait until the bus has left the stop giving you a clear view both ways.
  • Where possible, use a pedestrian crossing.
  • Whilst every effort will be made to give your child a safe bus journey, the responsibility for safety between home and the bus stop and the bus stop and home remains that of the parent/guardian.
  • Students are allocated to school buses on the basis of the suitability of the route and the capacity available.
  • The Academy regrets that it is unable to allow temporary changes from the students' normal daily route.
  • For a change of address and route, please check with the Finance Office for seat availability.
  • A temporary bus pass for 24 hours can be issued from the Finance Office should a student's cards be damaged or lost during the day. Replacement cards are issued at a cost of £5.00.
  • Please take note of the following advice: If your child is caught smoking, causing damage or creating trouble on the bus, they could:‐
    • be banned from using Academy Transport. Parents/Guardians would then be expected to make alternative transport arrangements.
    • be required to pay for any damage they have caused.

Rodgers Coaches and Academy staff work closely together to maintain standards and try and minimise any problems that may arise. If you wish inform us of any problems that have arisen during your child's journey whilst using Academy transport, please contact Brooke Weston Academy on 01536 396366

What to do if the Bus does not turn up or in the event of snow or bad weather

Rodgers Coaches will contact us immediately if they have any serious problems due to vehicle breakdown or bad weather conditions.

If the bus does not turn up and your child returns home, or if there are severe weather problems, please ring the school in the first instance. Staff should be able to advise you of the latest position and what arrangements are being made to try and get your child to school.

If bad weather occurs overnight it is possible that the school may be closed.

If you have opted to receive a SMS Text message, you will be informed of any decision that has been made as early as possible. Users of the App will also be informed and information will be posted on our website.

Check Online

You can also check the Northamptonshire County Council's online directory, available at:


If the school is closed, a red CLOSED entry will be displayed. Click on the School name in order to see full details including any partial closures.

Listen to your local radio station
  • BBC Radio Northampton ‐ frequency 104.2 & 103.6FM
  • Northants 96 ‐ frequency 96.6FM

Both stations broadcast school closures.

In some areas, particularly those that are quite isolated, the bus may not be able to operate even if the school is open. They may also have problems operating around some housing estates. However, in most cases they are able to run on the main roads.

If it snows heavily when your child is at school, please be reassured that both Rodgers and the Academy will do everything possible to get your child home safely.

Please check that your child has read and understood this document before it is signed by both Parent/Guardian and by them.

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Copyright © 2007 - 2018, Brooke Weston Academy. All rights reserved.
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