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This page will contain progress reports for the Brooke Weston Expedition group who are currently travelling around Tanzania.

As the sun rose over Kilimanjaro, the Turkish Airlines flight carrying the 2018 Brooke Weston Expedition team touched down. Exhausted from over 24 hours of travel, the team were weary but excited.

Our journey began on Monday morning when the minibus pulled away from Corby at around 11:30 on its way to Uxbridge College. It is there where we met Mark, the expedition leader for our final preparation meeting. Tents were checked, kit was shared out between the group and some of the group started a study for PHD students on the physical and mental effects of such an expedition.

When everything was done, we went out for a group dinner at Zizi's. It was great to be together as a group again and we chatted lots and laughed even more, especially when Ella walked in to a lamppost. We realised then that the memories would be as much about the small things as it would be the big things.

That night we bedded down on the floor of the college classrooms. It was quite comfortable and good preparation for the many nights of camping to come. However, we still only managed around 4 hours before it was time to get up and get the bus to the airport.

We had 3 flights all together. We were then delayed waiting for the bus to the hotel. This time was spent playing frisbee in the car park and having a laugh together. It was surprising just how much energy we had, although our frisbee skills were not good. After an hour drive we finally arrived at our guest house before we checked in and grabbed a few hours sleep before booking transport and accommodation, shopping for treks and trying to stick within budget. We are now looking forward to dinner, watching the football and a full nights sleep before we drive to Lushoto tomorrow. The group have worked really well together so far and have kept each other going when tiredness took over. It's been a great start to the expedition and we can't wait to get going on the trekking and camping. Will update you as soon as we can.

Departs: 11:30 on Monday 9th July 2018.
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