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January 2018 Examinations

08 January 201809:0010:30Ec3it :U1 Fundamentals Of ItSports Hall
09 January 2018 10:00Ict: Undrstnd Cmptr Sys WrittenSports Hall11:00Ec3bus:U1 The Business Environment 13:0014:30Gcse Geography 1 14:45Gcse History 1
10 January 201809:0010:30Ec3bus:U2 Working In BusinessWeston Theatre  09:45Gcse Business 1Sports Hall11:00A2 Sociology 111:30A2 French: Listening, Reading, Writing 1 13:0014:30Ec3hsc:U2 Equality Diversity&Rights Ec3it :U2 Global Information14:3016:00Ec3it :U2 Global Information 13:0013:35Gcse French Listening FdnUpper Teaching13:3514:20Gcse French Reading Fdn 13:0013:45Gcse French Listening HgrWeston Theatre13:4514:45Gcse French Reading Hgr
11 January 201809:0010:00Ec3sp :U3 Sports Organise & DevelopUpper Teaching  10:15Gcse Pe 1Sports HallA2 Mathematics Core 310:45Gcse Religious Education11:30A2 History 1 13:0014:00Ec3it :U3 Cyber Security 14:30Ec3hsc:U3 Health Safety&Security  13:35Gcse Spanish Listening FdnUpper Teaching13:3514:20Gcse Spanish Reading Fdn 13:0013:45Gcse Spanish Listening HgrWeston Theatre13:4514:45Gcse Spanish Reading Hgr
12 January 201809:0010:00H&Sc: Ess Values Of Care WrittenSports Hall 13:0014:00Sprt Sci: Risk Of Sprt Injuries Wrtn   13:35Gcse German Listening FdnPankhurst13:3514:20Gcse German Reading Fdn 13:0013:45Gcse German Listening HgrWeston Theatre13:4514:45Gcse German Reading Hgr
15 January 201809:0016:00As Art And DesignGwen John   A2 Fine ArtSutherland   A2 Photography   11:00Ec3hsc:U4 Anatomy & PhysiologySports Hall 13:0014:15Pixl Comb Sci Biology Fdn Pixl Comb Sci Biology Hgr14:45Pixl Biology Hgr15:00A2 Geography 1
16 January 201809:0010:15Pixl Comb Sci Chemistry FdnSports HallPixl Comb Sci Chemistry Hgr10:45Pixl Chemistry Hgr11:30English Literature 1 13:0014:30Gcse Geography 2 14:45Gcse History 215:00A2 Psychology 1
17 January 201809:0010:15Pixl Comb Sci Physics FdnSports HallPixl Comb Sci Physics Hgr10:45Pixl Physics Hgr11:30A2 English Language 1 13:0014:15Gcse Pe 2 A2 Further Mathematics Fp115:15A2 Business 1
18 January 201809:0010:00Gcse DramaSports Hall10:30Gcse Computer Science 111:00A2 Philosophy 1A2 French Writing 211:30A2 Computer Science 1 13:0014:00Gcse French Writing Fdn Gcse German Writing FdnGcse Spanish Writing Fdn14:15Gcse French Writing HgrGcse German Writing HgrGcse Spanish Writing Hgr14:45A2 Physics 115:00A2 Sociology 2
19 January 201809:0010:30Gcse Business 2Sports Hall11:00A2 Physics 211:30A2 History 2 13:0014:30Gcse Computer Science 2 15:00A2 Geography 2A2 Sociology 3
22 January 201809:0011:00A2 Psychology 2Sports Hall11:15A2 Chemistry 1 13:0014:15A2 Maths M1 15:00A2 Ethics
23 January 201809:0010:15A2 Further Mathermatics M2Sports Hall11:15A2 Business 2 13:0014:30A2 Chemistry 2 15:00A2 Psychology 3A2 Travel And Tourism
24 January 201809:0010:30A2 BiologySports Hall11:30A2 Computer Science 2
06 February 2018 10:45Bw Trust English Paper 2Sports Hall   Bw Trust English Paper 2Boardroom11:12Bw Trust English Paper 2
12 February 2018 10:30Pixl Mathematics Fdn Paper 1Sports HallPixl Mathematics Hgr Paper 1
13 February 2018  Pixl Mathematics Fdn Paper 2Sports HallPixl Mathematics Hgr Paper 2
14 February 2018  Pixl Mathematics Fdn Paper 3Sports HallPixl Mathematics Hgr Paper 3
20 February 2018 10:45Pixl English - Language Paper 2Sports Hall
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Copyright © 2007 - 2018, Brooke Weston Academy. All rights reserved.
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