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Olympic flame project

Olympic flame project
Sam Lewin, Sam Ford, Ciaran and Jack.
Olympic flame project
Sam Lewin at work in the science lab.
Thursday 1st March 2012 by C. Freeman

Students let their imaginations run wild to come up with a novel way of lighting the Olympic flame. As part of a STEM science project five students developed their ideas and presented the best one to be judged by a panel of three external assessors.

Sam Ford, Sam Lewin, Jack Swingler and Ciaran Langtree from Year 9 were joined by Abel Koczor from Year 8 and the group met after school to work on the project. During the development stage they came up with a range of impractical but ingenious ideas like using semtex conkers or a flaming row of toppling dominoes to start the ignition! They settled on manufacturing an acrylic crank to power a motor that lit a nickel chromium wire then a strip of magnesium shaped as the Olympic rings.

Miss Lincoln, who oversaw the project, said: ‘The boys gave a 10 minute presentation and answered questions from the panel about their ideas. The judges were really impressed with the creativity they showed as well as the fact that they had a working model. Equally, they were amazed the five boys worked together so flawlessly considering they weren't a pre-existing team. In my opinion they did an amazing job. In less than a month they had to come up with ideas, test and adapt them and create a working model.They showed some amazing creativity and a fantastic understanding of science.'

Sam Ford said: ‘It has been quite hard, we have never done anything like this before. We were nominated by the science teachers and Miss Lincoln gave us guidance. We have all worked pretty well together. At the start we were all trying to push our own individual ideas forward but then we gradually started to create a new idea using elements from all of ours.’

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