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A few of 7R's favourite things!

A few of 7R's favourite things!
Back from left: Jamie, Thomas Blaikie, Aleksandar and Fabio. Front: Cyera, Dana and Phillipa.
Wednesday 29th February 2012 by C. Freeman

Horse-riding, karate, football and gymnastics are just some of the activities that Mrs Navarro-Marin’s tutees enjoy at evenings and weekends. The 7R tutor group is full of students that do sporting or fitness activities. Here's what just a few of them get up to:

Cyera McDonald has been riding since she was about seven and she has won several medals at competitions at Holcot. She said: ‘I love show-jumping in mini competitions at the stable and have won several medals including special ones for making the horse look nice and keeping the tack clean as well as for races at the stables.’

Fabio Geranio plays football for Weekley Rovers Juventus and trains once a week. He said: ‘My position is in defence at right back. I enjoy it and it keeps me fit. The team trains for an hour a week in Kettering and at the ground in Weekley.’

Dana Richards won medals for the gymnastics that she used to do at Caldecott and Lodge Park. Now she keeps fit by doing modern and tap dancing classes every week and has appeared in Christmas shows at the Cube.

Aleksandar Borcic spends hours doing karate training with TISKA at Corby and Oadby and is about to grade for his black belt. Alex has been training for six years. He said: ‘The hardest thing has been the championships and I have won a few medals and trophies. I like sparring; you have to be pretty quick but it keeps your reflexes and fitness levels up.’

Nicole Webb enjoys tap and stage dancing and does both at Miss Potter’s dance school in Corby. She has been dancing since she was a toddler and said: ‘My favourite style is stage which is like jazz. It keeps you fit and we get dressed up for the dance shows. It is really fun.’

Jamie Dale played cricket for a local village team.

Phillipa Mander probably has the most unusual hobby, vaulting, which is horseback gymnastics. She along with others at Moulton equestrian centre perform routines, such as standing on one leg on a moving horse!

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