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Students cater for all tastes

Students cater for all tastes
Preparing the food.
Students cater for all tastes
Students cater for all tastes
Just some of the finished dishes.
Students cater for all tastes
Thursday 9th February 2012 by C. Freeman

Year 11 caterers are rustling up a selection of global gourmet food. They have had to research the cuisine of different countries then prepare two authentic courses from that region.

The task forms part of the students’ GCSE catering assessment and they have just two and a half hours to prepare and cook their dishes. The first cohort has already undertaken the challenge with the remainder due to prepare their dishes next Monday.

Food technology teacher Miss Letchet said: ‘One student was inspired by Mexico so she is preparing nachos as a starter followed by chilli and rice while another is doing four tapas dishes for his Spanish main course. Two students are making Italian panna cottas so fingers crossed that they set!'

Student Reece Coles said:'There was Italian, Indian, Chinese, Spanish, English and Mexican food. We looked at the foreign food section of the supermarket, and also carried out research on the main crops of each country and we chose our destination and menu from those details.'

He made an American-style cheese and bacon burger and deep fried chips followed by pancakes with toffee and cinnamon ice-cream. He made everything including the burger bun, and was pleased with the results: 'I like cooking because it is practical and I like making bread. It will take two or three lessons to write up our report where we analyse the process and results, including our two trial sessions as well as the actual event.'

Teacher Miss Letchet said: ‘I evaluate the students on their food hygiene as well as factors like correct food temperature and whether all the dishes are ready on time. It gives them a chance to work under pressure to a real deadline.The first group have produced some very impressive results so I am hoping that next week’s session will be just as successful.’

Students prepare for The Event

Later this month the Year 10 hospitality caterers are preparing for their own challenge as they prepare and serve food to around 30 guests attending the GCSE music concert. The students will spend a whole day cooking and each will be allocated specific foods to prepare plus a role on the night. Some will serve drinks while others will act as waitresses and food replenishers with the overall service being overseen by a front of house co-ordinator.

There will be plenty of food including scones with goats' cheese and salsa for savoury fans and chocolate cheesecake for guests with a sweet tooth. Governors and senior management will be among those tasting the food at the event in Performing Arts on the 23rd February.

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