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Trade fair at RS Components

Trade fair at RS Components
Students set up their stall at the trade fair.
Trade fair at RS Components
RS employees tour the stands.
Trade fair at RS Components
Students discuss the product with an interested party.
Tuesday 31st January 2012 by C. Freeman

Brooke Weston Sixth Formers sold ‘exam-busting’ packs to employees at RS components as part of an ongoing Young Enterprise competition. It is the third trade fair that the students have attended and the Brooke Weston stall was pitched alongside those from Corby Business Academy and Kingswood.

The Brooke Weston students devised the ‘Simply Sorted’ kit that comprises exam equipment and a revision guide written by the group. At RS Components they sold over £60 worth of kits that retail at a bargain £6.99 and include a scientific calculator.

The team’s mentor is Ms Katie Larkin, who works at RS Components. Ben Middleton, the managing director of the Brooke Weston team said: ‘Ms Larkin is really helpful as she works as part of the finance department and is really aware of the market; what wouldn’t sell and what would appeal to buyers. As she is a former Brooke Weston student we can aspire to what she is doing.’

The other teams were selling picture frames, spinning tops, wooden plaques and textiles. Each is taking part in the ‘Company Programme’ scheme run by Young Enterprise and competing in local, regional and national heats for the ‘Company of the Year’ title.

Brooke Weston’s team comprises 15 students, each of whom have specific roles and responsibilities. Anthony Watts, the team’s sales director said: ‘The RS sales fair went well because Ms Larkin had already told people about us so everyone came for a look and was very interested in the products. The exam guide went down very well; it looked really good and caught a lot of people’s attention.’

Now the team have two more trade fairs to sell at before they must submit their reports, business plan and accounts to Young Enterprise at the end of the project.

Ben said: ‘It has been a massive experience, especially learning to work with people and trying to make sure that you keep in communication with everyone. We have to write a report showing how we started, what we have done and how we have developed as a business. At the moment we are focusing on sales and plan to go into local schools to sell more of our products.’

Teacher Mr Browne has been overseeing the group: ‘It was a really good atmosphere at the trade fair and the students made more money than the other teams. Now we have got our eye on a couple of really big shows in Milton Keynes and the area finals at Northampton University so we are going to pull all the stops out for those.’

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