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Oxfam Cheque Presentation

Oxfam Cheque Presentation
Stephen Harvey, Rosemarie Jones, Rachel Steele and Helen Huchet
Tuesday 20th March 2007 by C. Freeman
A cheque for £ 1,398 was handed over to Oxfam to aid school children in Tanzania. Year 11 students at Brooke Weston have held various fund-raising events and the whole school took part in a mufti day. The money will go to Oxfam's school feeding programme where children will be be given a nutritious daily meal.

Stephen Harvey told the Year 11 students about Oxfam's vital work in Africa, before receiving the cheque from Vice Principal, Rachel Steele.

The students planned and took part in a variety of activities to raise money, including bingo sessions and quizzes. One other event, a fashion show, has yet to be held so Oxfam can expect a further contribution from the College in the near future.

Stephen Harvey said: '87,640 children in Tanzania are being fed through Oxfam's school feeding programme. This provides school dinners for children and the reason we do that is because it guarantees that children have a healthy, nutritious meal every day. About two million people throughout Tanzania have been affected by the food crisis which has come about mainly due to crop failure. Our work has been around feeding, giving out seeds and giving out food. The fund-raising carried out at Brooke Weston has been fantastic.'

Vice Principal, Rachel Steele said: 'The students have responded really positively to the idea of fund-raising and we would like to carry on and extend this relationship with Oxfam as part of our Period One curriculum.'

Recent projects have aimed to expanding students' global consciousness, with fair trade, food crises and multicultural studies all being studied and discussed in the classroom. Some take it a stage further, with students volunteering in Kettering's Oxfam shop as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award work. The manager from the Kettering shop, Rosemarie Jones, accompanied Mr Harvey to Brooke Weston.

Figures from Oxfam about the east Africa food crisis

How your money can help?
  • £ 1.50 will buy a jerry can in Tanzania.
  • £ 1.75 could paid for 2.5 kilos of millet seeds for a family to grow crops and rebuild their lives in Tanzania.
  • £ 27 could provide cash relief grants for one month, enabling the elderly or disabled in south Somalia to buy food, water and other household essentials.
  • £ 30 in south Somalia would feed a family of six or seven for one month.
  • £ 35 will provide 20 families with millet seeds to grow crops and rebuild their lives.
  • £ 40 could feed 50 children for a month in Tanzania.
  • £ 60 could buy a sanitation kit to remove rubbish from water sources in Kenya.
  • £ 100 provides a drama and music kit to facilitate public health training in Kenya. A kit contains masks, puppets and instruments.
  • £ 181 could pay for six water tap stands to provide safe and hygienic means of collecting water.
  • £ 230 could pay for Oxfam to truck 20,000 litres of water for approximately 4,400 people per day in Wajir Kenya. This is enough to meet people's survival needs, water for drinking and cooking.

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