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Year 7s excel at fantasy homework

Year 7s excel at fantasy homework
Ross Patterson's land of Averdian.
Year 7s excel at fantasy homework
The inspiration for Robbie Gray's Sun and Moon realm.
Year 7s excel at fantasy homework
A page from Georgina Cacutt's Dragon World Files.
Thursday 26th January 2012 by C. Freeman

Floating heads of wisdom, dragon emperors and soul stealers were just some of the mystical beings dreamed up by Year 7 students for their English homework.

Miss White’s class had studied plots and characters from fantasy texts and were given the homework task of inventing their own realm. Just a week later they handed in stunning booklets and artwork.

Miss White said: ‘The project was based on fantasy writing as we had studied Sabriel by Garth Nix, which is very other-worldly, dark and mysterious. We did a mind-mapping activity and looked at Norse mythology and the setting for Lord of the Rings. The quality of the work is exceptional, especially as it was all done in their own time.’

Robbie Gray handed in three books, one detailing the ‘Sun and Moon Realm’ inhabited by witches, another was the 'Book of Magical Beings'. Robbie said: ‘That one included the floating heads of wisdom who are the elders, the ‘all knowing’ of the realm. I also created a book of creatures including a seven-tailed serpent and long-necked mice. I read a lot of fantasy books and my favourite is the Harry Potter series, especially the Order of the Phoenix.’

Georgina Cacutt wrote the Dragon World Files featuring emperor, Sire Garieyot and his daughter Princess Silvarnia. She envisioned a world where metal microchips could transform people into dragons.

Ross Patterson invented the medieval world of Averdian where agents of good and evil clash. He said: ‘There are both good and bad sides and to become evil you must be cursed by a reaper. Fighting on the dark side are skeletons, zombies, witches, warlocks, dark elves, shadows, flesh eaters, soul stealers and reapers’.

‘Opposing them are paladins, warriors, archers, angels, priests, mages, druids and hunters. I enjoyed doing this homework because I like reading and writing stories and my favourite book at the moment is The Hunger Games.’

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