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Hush money for good cause

Hush money for good cause
Members of 8K with Miss Letchet.
Wednesday 25th January 2012 by C. Freeman

Students from tutor group 8K have successfully completed hours of sponsored silence to raise money for a children’s charity. They pledged to remain quiet from 07:00 until 17:00 with some finding it more difficult than others, although a few managed to get through the day and one student even did 25 minutes extra!

During lessons the students were given notebooks to communicate and all the money raised will go to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

Tiana Haughton and Tyler Jones both admitted it quite a task: Tiana said: ‘My friends kept on talking to me and I forgot that I was doing the sponsored silence so I just spoke a little!’ Tyler added: ‘It was really difficult trying to do PE without talking.’

Esther Onwuegbuzie said: ‘My brother and sister made it hard for me so it was a relief when it ended and I could finally speak again!’ That was not a problem for Isabella Tartaglia who did 25 minutes extra because she hadn’t noticed the time was up! She said: ‘Some people kept on saying hi to us and were trying to make us talk but we didn’t. If we wanted to answer a question we would write the answer in a notebook, put our hand up and a teacher would come and read it. Tutor time was definitely very quiet that day!’

The students are now collecting their sponsor money in and the final total will be announced in due course.

Mrs Brown, who is 8K’s tutor, along with Miss Letchet, said: ‘I am really proud of them as they all did really well. It was quite a feat to ask them to remain silent for so long and, although there were doubtless a few lapses along the way, they really tried their best.’

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