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Charity walk raises £1,225!

Charity walk raises £1,225!
En-route and footsore!
Charity walk raises £1,225!
James and Daniel at the beginning of the project.
Wednesday 30th November 2011 by C. Freeman

Five friends have raised an amazing £1,225 for charity after a gruelling 50-mile walk. Daniel Little and James Thompson both from Brooke Weston, along with friends Adam Lea, Ayo Ogundero and Tyler Crooks completed the walk over two days. They went through three counties; Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Rutland, camping overnight overlooking Rutland Water.

The trip, raising money for the British Heart Foundation, was not without its difficulties and they got lost in woods, ran out of cooking gas and had to share a three-man tent between five as one of them had forgotten to bring his tent along!

Despite the rain, the setbacks and the diversions they enjoyed the trip, walking for more than 12 hours on the first day, from Rockingham to their campsite 28 miles away. The following day, after a breakfast of pasta, they walked over 20 miles in intermittent rain to reach their goal.

James said: ‘My highlight was when we were walking out of Uppingham towards Caldecott on the second day and it absolutely poured with rain. We were all so demoralised we were just laughing our heads off and singing; doing anything to just try and keep our spirits up!’

Daniel initiated the walk to raise money for the British Heart Foundation as he had needed heart surgery as a baby: He said: ‘The two phrases I would use to describe the trip was a dream come true because we spent a lot of time with each other and hell on earth because it was just mistake after mistake and we didn’t take into account the contours of the land or appreciate how hilly it was going to be!

'The trip was really memorable and we had fun. I am really proud of what we achieved as a group and it goes to show how much teenagers can raise for charity when they want to. The total was much higher than expected as we received £200 from the school and £183 from the collection tins that we had. I am speechless that we've managed to raise this much!'

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