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Tree Planting

Tree Planting
Year 7 tree planting
Tuesday 20th February 2007 by C. Freeman
More than 100 trees have been planted at Brooke Weston, as part of an ongoing conservation project. Year 7 students designed planting schemes before being allowed out on the site to actually plant the saplings in clusters, which should attract wildlife and enhance the site.

The project, which took place over two days in February, was the brainchild of head groundsman, Paul Twamley, who sourced the ten varieties of trees and, along with colleagues Edward Roberts and Dayle Sharkey, dug the holes so that the students could perform the final planting and backfilling.

Many teachers took part in the project whch is part of the College's Period One curriculum. Teacher, Jennifer Ainscow introduced it to students during an assembly. She told them: ' This area is for you to enjoy and it will support your studies.' It is envisaged that the planted area will become an 'outdoor classroom' where students can study nature at close quarters and see the development of the trees as they mature.

It is the latest in a series of conservation projects at Brooke Weston.

PictureYear 7 tree planting
Last year the College's perimeter hedge was properly 'laid' to create a wildlife habitat for nesting birds, the lake is a haven for geese, ducks and tadpoles and there are even protected great crested newts on site.

Mr Twamley said: 'There were 116 trees planted on the site in about nine different areas. Each area consisted of four or five varieties, some of which will have been selected for their hardiness and others for their flowers.' Among the trees selected were crabapples, wild cherries, rowan and hornbeam.

The project has also been supported by the Woodland Trust who contributed stakes and guards to support the new saplings, as well as developers, Cofton, who have given stakes, compost and manure.

PictureYear 7 tree planting
Mr Twamley said: 'This is quite a major and long-term project, as obviously the trees will take many years to mature. It will take at least ten to 15 years before they become established but this planting scheme now will enhance the surroundings for many future generations of students.

Vice Principal, Rachel Steele said: 'The students all really enjoyed themselves and hopefully next year we can add to the area by planting bluebells and other flowers under the trees. This is a really important ongoing project as studenets will understand the importance of conservation and the differences we can each make to our immediate surroundings.

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