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Election campaign 2011

Election campaign 2011
Emelia and Marco from 8N's New Move party with the election trophy.
Election campaign 2011
New Move canvass for votes at the polling station.
Election campaign 2011
Mr Bidwell announced the winners during assembly.
Tuesday 6th September 2011 by C. Freeman

Congratulations to Marco Geranio, Emelia Parton and the rest of tutor group 8N who won this year’s student elections with a campaign that focused on issues including education, health and law and order.

The results were announced in assembly when, as well as a trophy being presented to the winning party leader, awards were given for categories including best poster, best website and best speech.

This is the third year running that the hard-fought election has been staged with each tutor group formulating manifestos, producing promotional material and canvassing for votes. Many wore hand-made party rosettes and each tutor group was able to approach a select group of ‘backers’ to ask for more money to boost campaign coffers.

The manifesto topics were wide-ranging and included immigration, taxation and animal welfare. Each tutor group elected a leader who gave a speech to the lower school followed by each party's promotional video.

After seven days of campaigning it was time to face the ballot box. Those in Years 7, 8, 9 and 12, along with members of staff were eligible to vote at booths set up in the sports hall. Delegates from each tutor group manned the polling station while reminding voters of their election promises and providing cakes as bribes!

As the votes were cast Dylan Panter, 8T’s campaign manager said: ‘We had good policies and we stood for what we believed in.’ Lucy Fell, campaign manager for 8K said: ‘We promised to help endangered species, we are putting three per cent tax on all fast foods with funds going to the NHS to spread obesity awareness.’

Teacher Mr Mark Bidwell announce the results, but not before accolades had been given to 8K for best poster, best newspaper story and best badge. The best web page was designed by 8N while 8E gave the best speech. 8T had cause to celebrate after picking up the best display and best campaign clip awards.

Finally the results were announced in reverse order with 8T polling 64 votes. 8B came in second place with 77 votes while the outright winners with a massive majority were 8N with 179 votes that equated to 34 per cent of the 529 total votes cast.

Emilia Parton was the manager of 8N's 'New Move' campaign. She said: ‘I had to make sure that everyone had a job each lesson and had something to do. The main task was the display boards so it was quite a big push to get everybody to contribute. We also had badges, webpages, posters and lots of creative things to do.’

Marco Geranio, the party leader said: ‘I was a bit nervous when making my big speech. I walked to the front while the theme from Rocky was playing and everyone was cheering so it turned out fine. Our tutor group all came together and performed really well. We wanted to cut down on obesity and unemployment and make education fun’

8N's tutor, Miss Bailey said: 'I am so proud of them! It was a little tough at times with fall outs and a few arguments but they got there in the end! Generally the tutor group work well together, everyone did their little bit to contribute to the final product. They seem to be on a winning streak at the moment winning the accelerated reading competition, sports day and now the elections ... bring the new challenge on!'

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