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More GCSE success stories

More GCSE success stories
Drupad Parmar.
More GCSE success stories
Abbie Price.
More GCSE success stories
Liam Schulz-O'Connell.
More GCSE success stories
Jessica Walkeden.
Tuesday 30th August 2011 by C. Freeman

Here’s a few more of our students with cause to celebrate their GCSE results:

Drupad Parmar will study maths, further maths, Spanish and chemistry at A Level after attaining eight A* and six A graded GCSEs.

Abbie Price is really happy with her six A* and eight A grades. She said: ‘I worked hard for this and had a sleepless night before I got my results. I am really happy and got some unexpected grades, especially in my textiles.’ She is now planning to study English Literature, philosophy, French and history before pursuing a career in child behavioural science.

Amy Rainbow is setting her sights on a place at Oxbridge after gaining ten A* and five A graded GCSEs. She said: ‘I plan to do psychology, English, biology and philosophy at A Level and would like to have psychology and therapy as a career. I put quite a lot of work in and I worked throughout to get these results.’

Liam Schulz-O’Connell got two A*s and ten A grades. He said: ‘I am most pleased about my Spanish result because I want to take that a lot further as a language but I am really proud of all of them. There was a lot of work put in so it was good to see the results.’ He will return to study maths, physics, Spanish and geography or English, prior to pursuing a career in the RAF as a pilot or engineer.

Paige Strudwick will study chemistry, biology, physics and maths at A level after gaining her five A* and nine A graded GCSEs. She said: ‘I studied quite a lot, some of the exams were difficult so I am really pleased with these results. I would like to be a vet eventually.’

Jessica Walkeden plans to become a lawyer in Spain and her six A*, eight A grades and AS level in science has provided a foundation to achieve that. She got an A* in Spanish and plans to continue the subject at A Level along with history, English literature and geography. She said: ‘I will hopefully go to university to do Spanish law. On the course you go and live in Spain for a year, then I would hopefully specialise in probate law involving wills.’

Kate Wallis got 12A* and two A graded GCSEs. She is planning to study biology, maths, history, German and geology at A Level and hopes to attend an American university.

Melissa Ward's three A* and ten A grades mean that she will join the Sixth Form to study history, chemistry, physics and maths. She said: ‘The hardest subject was history as there was lots of coursework. I was quite nervous and woke up early on results day.’

Jordan Young got five A*s and nine A graded GCSEs and he will study chemistry, physics, maths, geography and German in the Sixth Form. He said: ‘I am ecstatic. I wasn’t expecting results like this. At the moment I do not know what I want to do as a career so I will have to wait and see.’

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