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GCSE success stories

GCSE success stories
Arran France.
GCSE success stories
Marsha Green (centre).
GCSE success stories
Priya Kakkad.
GCSE success stories
Tony Marinov.
Thursday 25th August 2011 by C. Freeman

Congratulations to our students who are celebrating their GCSE exam success. Here are just a few of their stories:

Niamh Bailey got three A* and 12 A grades and is planning to study Design Technology, 3D art and possibly PE at A Level.

Blane Chalmers worked hard in the run-up to the exams and his efforts netted him five A*s, eight As and BTECs in music and ebusiness. He said: ‘I will come back and do English, Maths and Physics and I’d like to go into music production or some sort of journalism.’

Arran France got four A* and ten A grades. He said: ‘I am very surprised but I worked very hard at the last minute. I came in at seven or eight in the morning before the other students got here and was working up until the start of the exam. I haven’t got any plans for the future, I will just see how it goes and I would like to go to university.’

Marsha Green won a bet with her mum by attaining an A* in her Spanish exam. That, along with six other A* and six A grades means that she is on course to pursue her intended career in medicine. She now plans to take the three sciences at A Level, along with English and Spanish.

Nora Hollos achieved three A* and ten A grades. She is coming back to study biology, chemistry, maths and French at A Level and wants to study medicine eventually. She said: ‘I am really pleased with these results; they were a big surprise!’

Hemanth Jois has only been at Brooke Weston for just two years and he achieved five A* and ten A graded qualifications. He said: ‘I put my success down to a lot of revision. From about six months before the exams I revised from morning until night. Miss Stringer said I should really work hard for A Levels and I should aim to get into one of the Russell Group universities. I will do maths and science at A Level but haven’t got a clue what I want to do as a career.’

Priya Kakkad was celebrating her five A* and nine A graded GCSEs. She is planning to take all three sciences at A Level and business studies as she hopes to have a career as an optometrist.

Ciaran King did ‘massive amounts’ of coursework for DT and got an A-graded qualification. That, along with three other A grades and nine A*s means he is planning to study history, French, English and one other A Level in Sixth Form.

Tony Marinov is celebrating after getting seven A* and seven A graded GCSEs. He wants a career in economics or management and is hoping to study PPE at university. He said: ‘I had quite high expectations and worked hard so it had to pay off at some point.’

Leah Needham is on track to do ‘something artistic at university’ after gaining three A* and ten A graded GCSEs. She got an A* in art and plans to study art, history and English literature at A Level.

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