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Design Technology news

Design Technology news
Chloe Dickinson with her cardboard prototype and work in progress.
Design Technology news
Daniel Buckingham.
Design Technology news
Kiran with his rack and pinion system.
Design Technology news
Bethany Wilkins models her coke can fascinator.
Wednesday 20th July 2011 by C. Freeman

Designing Can Crushers

Year 9 students came up with ingenious ways of flattening cans during a Design Technology project that could earn them a CREST Bronze Award. They researched, designed and documented their projects, as well as creating practical designs, many of which used hand or foot pressure, while others included dropping weights and a rack and pinion system of applying pressure.

Daniel Buckingham spent five weeks designing and making his tube-inspired crusher which is a handle fixed to a wooden block inside a tube. It is placed over the can and the block is lowered with devastating effect. Chloe Dickinson’s model is character-based. She said: ‘I just wanted to make my model different. The can goes in its mouth and then when it is crushed it comes out of the back.’

Kiran Joshi made a rack and pinion system out of shaped acrylic and wood: ‘I used the laser cutter to design it then stuck three layers of acrylic together for the cog to give it support. I haven’t tried it out yet but hopefully it will work!’

Mr Brown said: ‘The Bronze CREST award is basically like a mini-GCSE project for Year 9s. It gets them to think of a product, research and design ideas and make a finished object. The students document the process in a booklet and then evaluate and reflect on what, if anything, they would do differently.’

Recycling Project

In another project Mrs Foster’s students were creating new items from old. Students were reusing corks to make a heat-proof tray, picture frames were embellished with fizzy drinks cans and plastic bags were fused into pieces which will be sewn together to make a new bag. The focus was on taking disused or unwanted objects and creating something new, useful and attractive.

Bethany Wilkins made a stunning fascinator from a recycled coca-cola can and an offcut of acrylic. She said: ‘When doing my research I found bracelets that were made out of tin cans, but I thought I would make a fascinator instead. It was quite hard to do but I like the end result which took about six weeks to make.’

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