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Christmas Market

Christmas Market
Christmas Market
Tuesday 19th December 2006 by C. Freeman
People in the Third World will benefit from the hard work of Brooke Weston's Year 10 students. The whole year group ran Christmas Market stalls with all profits going to buy much-needed items for overseas.

The students took turns to hold market stalls over a two-day period at the end of Term 2 selling sweets, jewellery, Christmas cards and photographs. Students had to research both the concept of Fair Trade and the culture of a country overseas. They split into groups, wrote a business plan and presented ideas to teacher Miss Ainscow and the Vice Principals.

Miss Ainscow said: 'Each tutor group presented four different business plans, it was a bit like Dragon's Den as they had to "sell" their individual ideas to us. We then picked the best one from each tutor group and then the whole group got behind the idea and worked on it.'

Dumbo Creations which was formed by the 10N Tutor Group sold keyrings, bracelets and sweets. Roberta Graziano said; 'The hardest thing was keeping the project on track and keeping up to date with progress.'

PictureFrom left: Sian Cullinane, Roma Murray and Roberta Graziano of 10N.
Santa's Little Helpers, alias 10S, sold Christmas cards, sweets, festive baubles and even socks decorated with seasonal felt motifs.

10T Treats sold sweets and group photographs which had been staged and shot in advance with orders taken on the day of the market.

10E, also known as 'Nervous Turkey Productions really played to their audience selling googly eyed rocks (really) candy canes, whistles for the disco and even bags of humbugs for those who couldn't muster the Christmas spirit!

A special mention must go to 10E for their imaginative cards which had sweets attached to them. According to a poll carried out by the tutor group everyone loved the idea of buying cards and buying sweets so Ria Goff decided to combine the two to produce decorative (and tasteful!) cards.

PictureThe Indiglo store sponsored by Traidcraft
Miss Ainscow said; "The groups have been working hard for the whole term. This year we decided we would really push the Fair Trade concept. The students have been really enthused and amazed and how a small amount of money can make such a big difference to those overseas.' Students will decide how their profits are to be spent, but they have the option of buying smaller items from World Vision to donate, or else clubbing together to contribute something larger. Items under consideration are a tap for just £6, eight chickens for £25, £32 to provide a toilet or even £300 to train a teacher.

The benefits of this project are enormous; not only are Brooke Weston students learning about business and enterprise, they research other cultures and make a real difference by contributing their profits to aid the Third World.

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