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Carnegie and Greenaway shadowing scheme

Carnegie and Greenaway shadowing scheme
A trio of bookworms in the Brooke Weston library.
Carnegie and Greenaway shadowing scheme
Just a few of the shortlisted books the students are reading.
Carnegie and Greenaway shadowing scheme
Thursday 5th May 2011 by C. Freeman

Keen readers from Brooke Weston are ‘shadowing’ the Carnegie/Greenaway awards by reading shortlisted books and deciding on their favourites. The group is working its way through all 14 titles that are vying for the Carnegie Medal, awarded for the best children’s fiction or its sister award, the Greenaway Medal, given to the best illustrated book.

The scheme has already provoked lively debate among our students and they will share their views at an event at Lodge Park on 17th June, when delegates from all four Corby secondary schools will meet to discuss the merits of the six titles shortlisted for the Carnegie and eight for the Greenaway. Previous winners have included Phillip Pullman, Terry Pratchett and CS Lewis.

Kate Wallis from Year 11 said: ‘For the Greenaway we are looking for the books to be entertaining and fun. You have to look at the images and check that they go with the writing and story. One of the books, Jim, has got lots of shiny bits, colourful pictures and pop ups whereas when we were young all we had were books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar!’

Year 9 student Aidan Walsh said: ‘I am enjoying the Greenaway books; they include a variety of words and pictures and are very good for younger children because, although there are not many words, you can understand the ideas they are trying to get across. My favourite has to be Ernest, about a moose who can’t fit in the book, but he finally succeeds.’

Librarian Mrs Adams said: ‘We have shadowed the Carnegie Awards for many years and it gives our students the opportunity to read some of the best and most ground-breaking fiction and illustrated work around. Students from all year groups come to our meetings and everyone has their own favourites.

‘The students are really looking forward to the event in June. They will mix with students from all other schools. As librarians we talk about issues that we have discussed with our own students and realise that those from other schools can have a totally different perspective, which is refreshing and encourages a great deal of discussion and debate.

'Of all the titles I particularly like Monsters and Men, the last of the trilogy by Patrick Ness and The Bride’s Farewell by Meg Rosoff which is fantastic. The beauty of shadowing the Carnegie and Greenaway Medals is that everyone can choose their own favourites and then compare those with the winners, selected by judges from CILIP, the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.’

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