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Auf wiedersehen Janina!

Auf wiedersehen Janina!
German language assistant Janina Boltze.
Tuesday 10th May 2011 by C. Freeman

German assistant Janina Boltze has left Brooke Weston after helping language students here for two academic years. She is now completing her degree and plans on becoming a teacher specialising in English and Business.

Janina, who lives in Berlin, really enjoyed her time in the UK and has been impressed with a couple of English habits; the ability to queue patiently and the British reliance on a cup of tea as a sure-fire way to cope in a crisis!

She said: ‘Ideally I would like to come back to England to work and travel. I loved it here, being around other people with other languages as well. It was quite nice to see how different cultures work. I and the teachers from the modern foreign languages department spoke about the language of animals in children’s books and how they vary from country to country. It was interesting how people think and see things in other ways in other languages.’

Janina arrived at Brooke Weston in October 2009, and has spent with a variety of students from Years 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 and particularly the current Year 13s: ‘It has been really amazing to have an impact on the students and see their language skills develop over the last two years. The Year 13s have progressed so well, especially as they have had a couple of trips to Germany. There are 14 students in that group and about five or six are planning to go to university to study German. They live in that language; it is brilliant.’

She is now going to continue her six-year combined Bachelor and Masters degree at Magdeburg but would ideally like to return to the UK eventually: ‘I would like to come back to work and travel. I will definitely keep in touch with people here. Mr Nicholls has been my biggest support along with Mrs Hibberd and my housemate Miss Prats. Living in another country is quite different but I have grown in experience and am not afraid of what is going to come next.’

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