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Spanish students visit

Spanish students visit
The Spanish and Brooke Weston students before their trip to Cambridge.
Wednesday 20th April 2011 by C. Freeman

Brooke Weston students gave a warm welcome to their Spanish counterparts who visited the UK for a week. The 18 visitors and two members of staff spent a day in lessons, as well as enjoying a trip to Cambridge, plus bowling and cinema outings.

Our students had already been introduced to the visitors during a whistle-stop trip to Barcelona in March. Many will take part in a further exchange to Spain in October. They really enjoyed hosting the students and said it had helped with their language studies.

Michael Navarro-Marin said: ‘On the trip to Cambridge my exchange student Jordi and I spent the day walking around seeing the sights and getting to know each other better, practising our Spanish. We got on really well.’

Heather McDonald said: ‘I was hosting Jennifer. She said the school was really different to what she is used to as it is a lot bigger and the lessons are completely different. We went bowling on Tuesday night as a big group in Kettering and went to the cinema with half of the group to watch the film Rio.'

Hannah Price’s exchange student was Carla: ‘She asked me for a lot of help with her English but when we got talking we had a lot in common. I helped her a lot with her English and she helped me with my Spanish. She loved going to Hyde Park, on the London Eye and going to see Big Ben. They got here on Sunday so spent Sunday and Monday in London before coming here.’

Rebecca Marrs said: ‘My student was Paula and we got on really well. She spoke to me in English and I spoke to her in Spanish. My whole family had been trying to say things to her. Paula seemed to enjoy everything but I don’t think she liked the food! We were laughing and joking just like friends and spending a lot of time talking about the difference in culture.’

Abbi Floodgate hosted Sara: ‘We went bowling the first night. There were always different things to talk about. The Spanish students enjoyed coming around school and found it very different to theirs. They don’t have a restaurant so they found lunchtimes weird. Sara’s favourite bit was probably the bowling because everyone enjoyed themselves.’

Jen Dobson’s exchange student was Eva: ‘We had a lot in common and she spoke really good English. As I live in a village she found it a lot quieter than she is used to, but she did like it.’

Daniel Bartlett’s student was called Alberto: ‘We went to Cambridge to visit all of the universities and have a cultural visit so he got a taste of what England was like. A few other people who were doing the exchange came to my house so we could all talk. Alberto's favourite bit was probably spending a day at the school.’

Teacher Mrs Navarro-Marin who co-ordinated the trip said: ‘It was a really busy week, both for the Spanish students who got a taste of life in the UK, but also for our students who hosted them so well. Many good friendships were forged. As a group they all got on incredibly well, there were lots of opportunities for each student to broaden their language skills.

' It proved to be a really action-packed week and was a good opportunity for the visitors to experience a typical day in an English school. We are now looking forward to going to Barcelona in October where we will get the chance to experience their education system and learn about more about their culture and home lives.’

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