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Inter-Academy dance showcase

Inter-Academy dance showcase
Students from all three Partnership Academies at the technical rehearsal at Corby Cube.
Inter-Academy dance showcase
Miss Bailey with Brooke Weston boys' dance crew.
Thursday 24th February 2011 by C. Freeman

Students from all three Academies in the Brooke Weston Partnership showed off their skills at a dance showcase at the Corby Cube. The event was a sell-out and proved really popular with the audience. Brooke Weston boys’ dance crew kicked off the show with a mash-up. This was followed by performances from Corby Business Academy and Kettering Science Academy. Each Academy had 30 minutes’ performance allocation and this was divided up into however many dance routines they wanted to tackle.

Other Brooke Weston pieces included a duet between Ruby Noble and Jordan Byrne, the GCSE group performed Parachute and the BTEC group staged Zing, choreographed to ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone. The Key Stage 3 group danced to ‘Pencil Full of Lead’ by Paulo Nuttini and there was also a six-minute long piece by the Year 10 and 11 students where they created mixed solos that blended on stage.

Teacher Miss Duguid said: ‘In that piece the students sensed each other, were in tune with each other, they danced their hearts out. They didn’t need to look around and see who else was on stage, there was a real sense of pride and presence.’

‘We took 56 students from all the year groups along and did a total of seven routines on the night. The students were absolutely superb, both in their performances and their behaviour. During the technical run they sat in the auditorium and watched the students from the other schools doing their routines. A lot of the students at that point were incredibly proud because their pieces were so well rehearsed, so well performed.

‘The Cube was a beautiful space to work in, it was really good for the dancers to experience what it is like in a real theatre. The audience loved it, they were so surprised at the amount of students involved and the polish behind that. Every parent likes to see their child perform but when they perform on a professional stage in that capacity it was just a real "wow" moment for them.’

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