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Famine workshop at Corby Business Academy

Famine workshop at Corby Business Academy
Students from all three Academies collaborating on the famine project.
Thursday 16th December 2010 by C. Freeman
Year 9 students from Brooke Weston joined their peers from Corby Business Academy and Kettering Science Academy for a day-long Humanities workshop where they had to allocate resources and funds during a theoretical famine.

The event, hosted at CBA and attended by ten students from each Academy, was entitled ‘Famine – Who Lives?’ It was delivered by course providers Boost Education and focused on the ‘real dilemmas’ faced by famine relief organisations.

The students, split into inter-Academy groups, had to come up with contingency plans to deal with a million refugees that flooded into the fictional country of Umbago from its war-torn neighbour, Timbai.

The course literature said: ‘You must set up and manage an emergency relief camp. But with limited food and water who gets fed? You decide. Our teams, representing various relief agencies with their own priorities, even have to work out which tribes can peacefully coexist next to each other in the camp. It will be harrowing but you will emerge wiser and with a deeper understanding of what the real world holds for many people.’

Student Max Freeman said: ‘We looked at how different charities secure the future of those affected. There’s a mixture of reasons why famines happen; there might be droughts or bad weather which cause crop failure, or else war in their own or a neighbouring country that forces large groups to flee. Relief agencies send food, shelter and provide medicine and vital supplies to stricken areas.’

The students had a ‘famine lunch’ consisting of meagre rations of seeds, lentils and a wrap in order to experience the subsistence portions typical of a diet in a famine-ridden country.

Mr Lloyd Jones said: ‘They were dealing with all kinds of tragic, famine situations; everything from where to make a camp, where to put different tribes and prioritising aid. They did plenty of written work and and the high point was the presentations on sustainable strategies; securing the futures of the famine victims with education, sanitation and improving agriculture. The students were brilliant and showed empathy, using all the right language and throwing themselves into the tasks.’

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