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Colour theory in practice

Colour theory in practice
Projection in the Weston Theatre showing different colour mixes.
Thursday 2nd December 2010 by C. Freeman
Students discussed how colours react with each other as part of their science module on light and sound. Mr Richard Mackel and Miss Kemp led sessions with most of the Year 8 students in the Weston Theatre.

He said: ‘The main aim of the session was to give a demonstration of how mixing primary colours; red, blue and green, can create new colours such as yellow, magenta and cyan. It also allowed them to put the science of light mixing into a real life context and provoked thought about use of colours in theatre production that led into discussion of colour TV and how that works.

‘We challenged the idea that mixing all the colours together produced a muddy brown, which you get if you mix paint of red, blue and green. The idea was to link back to practicals about splitting white light into a spectrum of colours using a prism and show that those colours can be re-combined to return to white light. This shows that colours in light are made of something different to those painted onto a piece of paper.

‘The students responded positively to the session as it allowed them an out of classroom experience and, by using Mr Jackson and the theatre, it showed that science ideas have a real world use.’

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