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Students share skills with dance crew

Students share skills with dance crew
Dylan and Caleb in the dance studio.
Wednesday 27th October 2010 by C. Freeman
Year 8 students, Caleb President and Dylan Panter are teaching and choreographing Brooke Weston's boys' dance crew. They joined when the crew formed last year but, as both have been involved in break-dancing previously, they are passing on their skills to the rest of their peers.

The boys meet up for one after-school session per week in the dance studio where Caleb and Dylan, who are members of a crew at the William Knibb centre in Kettering, teach moves, such as flares, where the dancer spins their legs around while holding their body off the ground with their arms.

Caleb said: 'I have only been doing break-dancing and street-dancing for a couple of years but I like it and practice a lot of moves to show to the others. When thinking up a dance you need to base it around some sort of theme or idea so Dylan and I talk about what we are going to do each week.'

The boys, overseen by Miss Bailey, are currently preparing a routine for the winter showcase and they will also be entering a crew in the B-Boying competition in February where crews perform a set dance and then 'battle' where individuals from each team show off their best moves and try to out-perform each other.

Caleb said: 'I enjoy the competitions. The boys know what moves they ought to do but when it gets to the battles where you dance against each other we need to focus on freestyles so they are confident about doing spontaneous moves in the battle stage of the competition.'

Dylan said: 'When thinking up dance moves you need good music; sometimes Caleb and I stay on longer after the club to create more moves. At the moment we have students from Years 7, 8 and 9, but boys from any year group can come along.'

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