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Don’t try this at home!

Don’t try this at home!
Students get to grips with the Dyson sweeper components.
Tuesday 26th October 2010 by C. Freeman
Year 8 students have been getting some hands-on experience by dismantling and reassembling Dyson sweeper heads during a recent Design Technology lesson.

The components were supplied by Dyson in one of their educational packs. It contained a fully working Dyson DC22 vacuum cleaner (designed to have a footprint no larger than an A3 sheet of paper) and seven sweeper heads plus tools so students could take the components apart and really investigate how everything worked and fitted together.

The practical experiment was backed up by a detailed teacher's pack which explained the history of the company, their design ethos and a step by step guide to taking apart and rebuilding the sweeper heads. In addition they supplied videos of inventor James Dyson explaining about his background and thought processes as well as promotional literature.

The James Dyson Foundation said the pack was 'created to get real examples of engineering into the hands of teenagers. We want to excite students about design engineering — to understand that the thought, building and breaking that goes into the creation of everyday products can be fascinating and fun. Armed with this understanding, we want teenagers to put their own engineering skills to the test by tackling design challenges of their own.'
PictureHere's one the factory made earlier!

Teacher Mr Browne said: 'This gives students such a valuable opportunity that they wouldn't necessarily get, after all you can't go home and dismantle the family's vacuum cleaner! We have been examining all the components, asking why each bit has been designed that way, it is a very hands-on session. Everything in this pack is very well thought-out, even down to the packaging that the items are transported in. Dyson are very keen in encouraging children's design technology skills and we are hoping to get a Dyson designer here in the future to talk to the students.'

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