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Students meet Louise Rennison in Oundle

Students meet Louise Rennison in Oundle
Louise Rennison with Lizzy Downey, Vicky Coppard and Sophia Haden
Thursday 30th September 2010 by C. Freeman
Students Lizzy Downey, Vicky Coppard and Sophia Haden went on a trip with Librarian Mrs Adams to Oundle Festival of Literature, in St Peters church in Oundle to meet author, Louise Rennison.

Rennison is the author of the popular series of books based around the character Georgia Nicolson. The first part of the series was recently made into a blockbuster movie, “Angus, thongs and perfect snogging”.

'I didn't have much input in the film' said Rennison 'but it was filmed near where my parents live and I invited my mum down to see the filming.' Rennison was telling anecdotes about her experiences all the way through the interview gaining lots of laughs. 'The woman who is playing my mum in the film is quite voluptuous and up until that point mum hadn't been very interested in what was going on, she came to the set where they were filming, looked at the actress and said “oh they have cast her well haven't they?” She couldn't stop talking about it after that!' Rennison also read several excerpts from her new book 'Withering Tights' about Georgia Nicolson's younger cousin Tallulah.

After an interview on stage, Rennison took questions from the audience giving long and detailed answers using them to show off her comedic talent, not suprising considering her background as a stand-up comedian. Student Vicky Coppard said 'My favourite bit was when she told us about her German teacher getting out of the wrong side of the train and falling out, she was hilarious.' The main questions seemed to be about how much of the books were based on her, to which her answer was 'all of it'.

One of the most interesting comments she made was that when she had written the book, she had used the names of real people upon who the characters were based, intending to change them later. However she forgot and so all of the names in the book, except for Georgia herself, are names of real people from Rennison's childhood. Lizzy Downey said 'It was obvious that she had based Georgia on herself from the moment she walked in the room, her personality really reflected Georgia's.'

After the question and answer session, the guests had a chance to get an autograph from Rennison and buy her books. The students had books and tickets signed as well as getting autographs for friends. Mrs Adams said: 'I loved her bubbly, infectious personality and warmed to her straight away. She was really relatable and funny.'

Text by Sophia Haden - Year 13

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