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More GCSE success stories!

More GCSE success stories!
Emily Spence.
Tuesday 31st August 2010 by C. Freeman
Lots of our students did so well in their recent GCSEs examinations. Here's a few more of their success stories:
PictureVictoria Coppard.

Emily Spence got eight A*s, five As and two Bs
'I'm going to do biology, chemistry and geography and one other subject at A Level. I'd like to be an equine physiotherapist or equine vet but I think the physiotherapy is the way forward because I'm not good with gore! You need to go to university to study human physiotherapy for three years, then you need to do a few years working on humans, normally in the NHS, then go back and do two years to get an animal physiotherapy so it's a 7 year process but it's definitely worth it. I've got a horse and I've watched the physiotherapists at work and I just think it looks really interesting. It's so broad what you can do, you can work with people as well as animals.'

Victoria Coppard got three A*s, 8As, 3Bs and a C
'I'm most pleased about my Spanish result as I got an A*. Going to Spain on the residential just before the speaking exam helped. I want to study social anthropology at university, it's the study of people and how different cultures have evolved'
PictureAdrian Matthew (centre).

Adrian Matthew got nine A*s, five As and a B
'I'm coming back to do maths and sciences. I want to do engineering , maybe mechanical or civil at university. I don't really know what I'd like to do but it will involve designing, engineering and be a hands-on career.'
PictureJake Thompson.

Jake Thompson got five A*s, eight As and two Bs
It was a lot of hard work and I put time and effort into it. I am most pleased about my A* in maths because there were lots of exams and that was the one that I really wanted to get. I'm coming back to do all three sciences and maths and I want to go to university to do veterinary science.'
PictureKudzai Saunyama.

Kudzai Saunyama got four A*s, nine As and two Bs
'I've been here about a year and a half. I came from Zimbabwe in the middle of Year 10 so I had to catch up on a year and a half. We had a completely different education system from Britain so I had to start over everything and adjust. Brooke Weston is completely different from the school I was at before as that was also a boarding school. It's the hardest thing I've ever done. These results are mostly down to hard work because when I was in Zimbabwe I didn't get these grades, I'm speechless! I am coming back to do four A Levels.'

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