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GCSE success stories

GCSE success stories
From left: Katie, Cassandra, William Bolton, William Frogley and Kathryn.
Tuesday 31st August 2010 by C. Freeman
Here's how a few of our GCSE students got on in their exams and what they plan to do now.

Katie Cridge got three A*s, 10 As and two Bs:
'I'm feeling pretty good right now, I didn't think I would do that well. My favourite subject were probably maths or textiles. I'll be coming back to do maths and probably French and German.'

Cassandra Shipley got five A*s, eight As and two Bs:
'I'm ever so shocked and absolutely relieved that all my hard work has paid off. I'd love to come back to do English literature, maths, business studies and history. Hopefully I'd like to go to university, maybe Leeds to do a journalism degree.'

William Bolton got seven A*s, six As and a B:
'I'm going to stay on in the and am going to eventually try to go to Cambridge University to do a physics degree or something as I'm planning to do A Levels in physics, chemistry, German and maths.

William Frogley got six 6A*s, seven As and two Bs:
'I thought I was going to be disappointed but I'm quite happy with this. I'm most pleased about art, English and French, as I got an A* in all of them. I'm coming back to study product design or media and chemistry and one of the arts. I'd quite like to do product design as a career and I'd love to go and study at Central St Martins.'

Kathryn Gill got four A*s, nine As and three Bs:
'That's amazing. I put it down to working hard and good teachers. I enjoyed biology the most. I'm doing biology, chemistry, maths and psychology at A Level. I want to go to university and do physiotherapy. I've always wanted to do something with medicine but I'm really queasy with blood. A lot of my family is in medicine so they know about it, telling me about different jobs and physiotherapy is the one that interests me.'

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