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Students undertake wind turbine challenge

Students undertake wind turbine challenge
The winning team: Julian Newman, Jacob Guthrie, Rachel Stringer from the Smallpeice Trust, Luke Shipley and Daniel Tough. Not pictured - Jen Dobson.
Tuesday 22nd June 2010 by C. Freeman
50 fast track Year 9 science students build wind turbines as part of a project led by the Smallpeice Trust, to boost their design, technology, engineering and maths skills.

The day, which was overseen by Rachel Stringer from the Trust, started off with team-building exercises and culminated in teams constructing wind turbines, measuring their effectiveness and devising a marketing campaign.

The winning team comprised Daniel Tough, Julian Newman, Jacob Guthrie, Luke Shipley and Jen Dobson.

The Smallpeice Trust is an independent charity that promotes engineering careers to young people through two types of activities: science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) Days. The day-long course can also be accredited under the CREST scheme, run by the British Science Association.

Ms Stringer, Smallpeice Trust STEM & Course Administrator said: 'We started off with a team-building exercise where they had to build a paper tower with ten sheets of paper and it had to hold a 100g weight. Then we went on to look at what engineering is and looked at wind turbines today, how they have to be sturdy at the bottom but the top must be free to spin.

Then they built and designed them and marketed them as well, coming up with names, logos and jingles. The winning team asked if they could use two generators and you very rarely get people saying this. They got way over double on the electricity reading when we read it and they also worked well as a team.'

DT teacher Mr Nigel Barrett said: 'This is the first time that the Smallpeice Trust have come in to do a project. It was really hard work but a lot of the students threw themselves into it and we had a really great day.

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