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Art students impress industry professionals

Art students impress industry professionals
From left: Jaygun Evans, Charles Healey, David Dallamore and Owen Morris.
Thursday 6th May 2010 by C. Freeman
Natural forms, the Art Deco movement and an apocalyptic vision of the future all provided inspiration for Sixth Formers designing cars for their OCR National qualifications. They each presented their design ideas to industry professionals and gained feedback which they will use to refine their designs.

Jaygun Evans, David Dallamore, Charles Healey and Owen Morris each gave a 15-minute presentation on their work and design process to Mr Nick Hibberd, an interior designer for Nissan and Mr Bob Johnson, a freelance designer. They were given a choice of interesting concepts to choose from, such as designing a car for a film set in a post-apocalyptic future, or one for a utopian film. The project, for unit three of their OCR National qualification in Art and Design, was also evaluated by teachers Mrs Watts and Mr Barrett.
PictureKate and Katie with their work.

Owen Morris, who designed Audi car interiors, said: 'I got my ideas through Art Deco influences. I also studied natural forms and butterflies; it's quite organic in terms of influence and the presentation went well.' David Dallamore designed a car exterior for a futuristic film and he got his inspiration from jellyfish and isopods: 'The experts also came up with ideas I hadn't thought of; like making a connection between sea creatures and an amphibious car.'

Jaygun Evans said: 'I was influenced by Frank Stephenson who designed the new McLaren, the Mini and one of the new Fiats as well. I also took some influence from poisonous frogs and their colours and patterns. My feedback was to make my designs a bit more futuristic and to incorporate more dark and luminous colours.'
PictureSample of Katie's sketchbook showing her design process.

Charles Healey designed a post-apocalyptic car: 'My final design was a bit battered and bruised; it was inspired by artist Barbara Hepworth and others.'

Two more students on the course, Katie Melvin and Kate McCallum, chose design briefs focusing on fashion and shop marketing. Katie Melvin took inspiration from artists Aubrey Beardsley and George Barbier to create her Art Deco-inspired crocheted bag, while Kate McCallum worked on marketing for Costa Coffee. Their work was assessed by Mr Barrett and Miss Blencowe.

Mrs Watts said: 'The guests were extremely impressed by our students, they commented on how surprised they were in regards to the level of confidence and fluency the students exhibited during the interviews. They gave really valuable feedback on their projects and are very keen to return next term to see how our students have acted upon their advice.'

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