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'Around the World' sports challenge

'Around the World' sports challenge
Some of the Year 12 students who took on the Around the World Challenge.
Thursday 29th April 2010 by C. Freeman
Year 12 students took up the challenge to 'travel the world' during a recent sports initiative which awarded their efforts with 'miles'. One actual mile of running was worth 50 virtual miles and so they ran, swam, skipped, rowed and biked their way across the globe, tracking their progress on a map.

The project, which ran for eight weeks, was implemented by sports teachers Ms Clasper and Ms Van Neirop, and the students also raised money for the Teenage Cancer Trust through sponsorship.

Mr Clasper said: 'We devised this idea about travelling around the world so at least they could plot themselves to see how they were doing; it had an achievable outcome and they enjoyed it.'
PictureThe map charting their progress.

During the first week they clocked up a combined total of 3,825 miles to reach Helmand, and from there circumnavigated the globe via Beijing, Wake Island in the Pacific, Hawaii, the Panama Canal, Breves in Brazil and Dakar in Senegal. Their final leg of 2,768 miles took them back to the UK.

In order to progress 50 map miles the students had to complete a mile run, or do 50 step ups, a 1000m row, a five mile bike ride, a 30 length swim, 600 skips or one and a half miles on a cross trainer. They had to used land-based disciplines for crossing terrain and either swim or row in order to clock up distances across water.

They were placed into groups of four and their scores were recorded with the 'champion of the week' accolade given to the person who had achieved the best performance. The students have undertaken different challenges such as running around Eyebrook reservoir and East Carlton park, doing circuit training, volleyball and netball.

Ms Van Neirop said: 'We measured their fitness at the beginning of the year and now we are re-evaluating them to see what progress they have made. They will be awarded points for each score they improve on. Every single week they have done something different. The 'Around The World' Challenge has worked really well and we may run it again next year. This year's students have really put a lot of effort in and have been a great group to teach.'

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