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Year 11 trip to Spain

Year 11 trip to Spain
Photo credit: Ralf Roletschek
Tuesday 6th April 2010 by C. Freeman
Students visited Gaudi's iconic cathedral in Barcelona during a recent three-day trip to Spain. The group of 19 students from Year 11 also spent time in a Spanish school and visited the shopping district of Las Ramblas, where they bought souvenirs and had a ride in horse-drawn carriages.

They flew to Spain and spent the first evening getting acquainted with students from the IES La Romanica school in Barbera del Valles, near Barcelona. During the second day they visited the immense La Sagrada Familia cathedral, which is still under construction more than 120 years after the first stone was laid. During the final day they went to the school where the Spanish and English students split into mixed groups to do some acrobatics before the Brooke Weston contingent travelled home. Hopefully the students may meet up again later this year when the Spanish students visit the UK.

Here's some of the students' best memories of the trip:

'On the first night we were in a shopping centre and there was a Spanish band and Colette, Emily and I got into the queue and had a picture taken with them.' Freya Martin.

'The best bit was the shopping and meeting the Spanish people because they are really nice and their school was different.' Colette Langhorn

'For me the best bit was going down the Ramblas in Barcelona in a horse and carriage; they were white horses and it was really good.' Emily Sumpter

'Meeting my Spanish penpal or watching Iona beating Mr Bidwell on the dance mat.' Vicky Coppard

'I liked talking Spanish and not getting talked back to in English, it was quite nice. It helped my Spanish.' Kyle Prati

'The best bit for me was trying to get through the barriers at the train station because they snapped shut if you didn't get through quickly enough. It was either that or on the second night when we were at the arcades and I beat Mr Cooper and Mr Bidwell on the dance machine.' Iona Smith

'Seeing the Sagrada Familia and seeing Tristan freak out because he was afraid of heights!' Amy McGheachie

'The best bit was coming down from the Sagrada Familia.' Tristan Macro

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