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Prom and Ball

Prom and Ball
Gowns for the girls
Wednesday 19th July 2006 by C. Freeman
It's typical ... you wait ages for one limo and then 20 turn up at once! Brooke Weston's Prom and Ball kicked off in fine style this year with flash vehicles, posh frocks and fab food.

During the events, held over two evenings, a procession of limos, vintage vans and even a fire engine parked nose to tail and a succession of gorgeous creatures emerged, (one courtesy of a fireman's lift) dressed to kill and ready to party. Guests were greeted with canapés and compliments and posed for pictures before heading inside for the main event.

As if mirroring the students, the draped and decorated Weston Theatre had undergone a dramatic transformation, with linen tablecloths, gilt chairs, candelabra and chandeliers setting the tone for the rest of the evening.

PictureTuxedos for the boys
Speeches and superb food followed, and special mention must go to Mr Witt who lived up to his name and delivered a fantastic after-dinner speech at the Year 13 Ball. Also at that event, principal Peter Simpson expressed his thanks to guests of honour, Molly Tyers and Sadie Stanners who are retiring after 15 and 10 years – a fine achievement considering they are both aged 82!

More than 300 balloons in the school colours of blue and yellow were released on the night of the Ball. Parents in Partnership had organised the event to raise funds for the College, with £100 going to the person whose balloon is returned from the farthest point.

The balloons negotiated the pond, gathered under the guttering and were finally whipped over the College roofline, borne on thermals of summer air. It seemed a fitting symbol of our departing students being released from Brooke Weston to make their own way in the outside world. They drifted far and wide, becoming specks in the distance before finally disappearing from view into the twilight …the day was finally cooling down, but inside the party was just hotting up.

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