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Sports Day

Sports Day
Mr Clarke gets close to the action
Tuesday 18th July 2006 by C. Freeman
Buses groaned under the weight of athletes and Lynx deodorant as hundreds of muscled students were delivered to Rockingham Triangle.

Once off the buses there was no stopping the willing hordes; marshals took their places, spectators took to the stands and the competitors took no prisoners as they sweated, strained, hopped, skipped, jumped, hurdled, threw and ran.

The afternoon sun beat down on the competitors as, year group by year group, they got on their marks for a bout of friendly competition. Tutors were assigned various roles with timekeepers jostling for position, starters keeping a keen eye on proceedings and parents and supporters cheering from the sidelines.

Picture'Der-MOT Der-MOT Der-MOT'
The defining moment of the day was Dermot Bailey completing the 400m in his wheelchair; 'Der-MOT Der-MOT Der-MOT' - the noise and encouragement from the stand was overwhelming and displayed the camaraderie and encouragement that underpins Sports Day.

Special mention must go to Head of PE, Neil Shorrock who kept proceedings on track and everyone amused with his inimitable microphone commentary.

PictureAn unusually close staff race this year
The tug-of-war was hard fought and eagerly watched with strain showing in many faces and, as ever, the staff race was a joy to behold with Steve Awcock powering down the straight to gain the glory of first place. The female staff took a sensibly different approach, linking arms and skipping down to the finishing line to peals of applause.

Results were totalled, Mr Simpson presented the commemorative cups and all that was left was to load the buses, clear the debris and leave with fond memories of another hot and sweaty Brooke Weston sports day.

The results were
8th7T88 8S59 9N10010E65

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