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Site survey

Site survey
Tuesday 16th February 2010 by C. Freeman
Part of the grounds at Brooke Weston have maintained their status as a Local Wildlife Site, the only school site in Northamptonshire to have that recognition. Mr Matt Johnson, the Wildlife Sites Project Officer for the Wildlife Trust, visited to survey the different flora and fauna in our environment. He was shown around by groundsman Mr Paul Twamley who has implemented conservation projects over recent years that have resulted in flourishing wildlife. Now, after Mr Johnson's visit, the emphasis will be on encouraging wild flower growth in the grassland around the lake.

Mr Johnson said: 'There's 810 LWS sites in the county which vary from huge areas of woodland to small areas of grassland. At Brooke Weston the slope up from the lake is the area that has been designated. It's mainly the areas of limestone grassland which are really flower-rich and therefore will support flowers like orchids and encourage butterflies. We try to survey all the sites every five to ten years to see what condition they are in and then give out advice on how to maintain and improve them. I gave some suggestions mainly about cutting the grass about once a year to make sure that dominant species don't overtake the wild flowers and to keep the best areas of grassland free from tree planting. It's a good site and it's in good condition because it's been managed well.'

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