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Sixth Form author begins second novel

Sixth Form author begins second novel
Wednesday 20th January 2010 by C. Freeman

Sixth Former Sophia Haden is embarking on an ambitious new project; writing her second book. Sophia plans to distribute her new work chapter by chapter in the library and hopes to get some constructive criticism from her fellow students.

She always keeps a notebook handy to jot down any flashes of inspiration and her first ten-chapter work entitled 'Imperfection' took six months to complete. She has already planned out her next book 'UnReal' about a girl with imaginary friends who forgets them as a child, only to meet them again as real people at critical times during her life.

Sophia said: 'The book starts when the main character, Sam is five years old and there's a chapter every two years. It's in three parts, the first part is written in the third person, the second part is from the best imaginary friend's point of view and the last part is from her point of view.'

Sophia has got into the habit of writing in her notebook daily. She transfers the text to her computer and it is then edited by her friend, Nathan. She wrote her first book for a teacher who was leaving her former school.

'Everyone was doing a gift basket for her, I thought I'd do something a bit more personal so I gave her the first six chapters typed up and then I've been sending her the final chapters as I wrote them. I didn't plan it properly so it's a bit random in places and I had to do a bit of editing when I was typing it. It's a bit rough but as a first draft I think it's quite good.'

She said: 'I've never had a problem immersing myself in a book so I take the same approach when I'm writing. I just pretend I am the character and the ideas just come as they would think it. I tend to show my friends my work, even when it's at a really rough stage. I prefer it when people give me their honest comments.'

Sophia has asked whether chapters of her book could be circulated in the library as she completes them, which would give students and the reading groups the opportunity to give feedback.

'The whole reason I asked Miss Adams to put it in the library was so that I could get some constructive criticism. Each chapter that I finish I'll give to her, she will distribute it and then hopefully I'll get some feedback. My online blog is about me and my daily life here at Brooke Weston whereas what I write in my books is what I think about when I am at home, the ideas pop into my head every day.'

Even when she is faced with writer's block she gains inspiration from everyday life around her: 'There were loads of times I would get to a point in a chapter and think, “right, what now?” That would last for a couple of days and I'd be in a class, someone would say something and I'd think “that's it!” then go and write it in my notebook.

'Every day you see stuff that's interesting and you think that could work as a book. The idea for this latest one came at the beginning of last year and I never knew how it would end. I started writing notes for it two weeks ago and I've pretty much planned out every chapter except for the last two. I'm looking for it to be about 15 chapters. I'll start at the birthdays or important events during that year and then carry on writing until it seems like a natural ending.'

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