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Boys learn breakdance skills

Boys learn breakdance skills
Leon shows off some of his moves.
Thursday 14th January 2010 by C. Freeman

A breakdance expert held a day-long workshop for boys at Brooke Weston. Twenty students took part in the session held by Leon Heywood of the organisation Tru Skool, which runs a national breakdancing competition. The boys learned a variety of moves that they will use when they take part in their first breakdancing contest at Thomas Becket school in Northampton.

Dance teacher Miss Bailey selected the students from Years 7, 8 and 9 because they either showed particular aptitude in dance or were already members of the newly-formed Brooke Weston boys' dance group. She said: 'Tru Skool do workshops in breakdancing so Leon came in to teach them more skills and to share his expertise. He showed them the movements and then they practiced in groups of two or three. These students have differing levels of experience; some have only been introduced to dancing in class while others have been breakdancing for three or four years.'

Leon Heywood, who has been dancing with his 'crew' for seven years said: 'Breakdancing and boys dance is getting really popular now, thanks to acts like Diversity and shows like Britain's Got Talent. I'm basically teaching the students the basics of breakdancing, or Bboying as we call it, to give them a starting chance in this competition.

'The main characteristics of Bboying is that it is a really fun, action-packed dance. It takes a lot of stamina and co-ordination. All the boys have got a lot of energy and they are not scared to try anything. At the minute we are learning the moves and taking in the information that they need. We will be using music, probably old funk tunes and different break beats, that they will have when they go into competition, so it's getting them used to hearing it.'

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