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Stadia and pool visit

Stadia and pool visit
At the Walkers stadium.
Thursday 17th December 2009 by C. Freeman
Sixth Form students were given behind-the-scenes tours of both Leicester City football ground and the Tigers stadium. The tours focussed on health and safety, which is a key module of the students' BTEC sports qualification. Students witnessed how the two prestigious venues made their environment as secure as possible for the massive crowds they attract.

Teacher Mr Clasper arranged the visits so students could see first hand that what they were studying applies directly to real-life situations: 'It's important for them to understand that this health and safety legislation is put into practice all over the country on a daily basis. It makes a clear link between study and the world of work and I am increasingly looking at how we can emphasise the vocational aspect of BTEC by making contact with people in a variety of sports organisations.'

The tour started at Leicester City where health and safety co-ordinator Paul Lewis showed students around the Walkers Stadium. He gave a presentation on stadium safety and legislation and cited lots of real-life examples. The students were shown CCTV control areas and also got to hear about fire-safety procedures before seeing the inside of the stadium including the state-of-the-art changing and physiotherapy facilities.

Then they went to the Tigers ground which is undergoing a multi-million pound redevelopment. The Caterpillar stand is the second largest in the UK. Safety is paramount and it is split into separate sections divided by glass partitions, each of which has two exits. This means each section or the whole stand can quickly be evacuated in an emergency.

PictureIn front of the Tigers' new Caterpillar stand.

A total of 33 students from Years 12 and 13 saw around the grounds. They are now going to tour Corby International Pool, to learn about its health and safety policies.

Mr Clasper said: 'The tours of Leicester City and Tigers grounds were more about crowd control and stewarding. The football and rugby staff have to deal with crowd situations while those at the pool will concentrate on chemical safety and individual incidents. The Year 13s are currently studying Health and Safety in Sport and so these tours have shown the legislation in real-life contexts.

This will form the basis for coursework as students need to compare and contrast putting different health and safety legislation into force across a range of sports facilities. Health and safety is the most essential aspect of a sports venue and we are grateful that both Leicester City and the Tigers have made us so welcome and we look forward to seeing behind the scenes at Corby International Pool.'

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