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Brooke Weston is made a Radiowaves Champion School

Brooke Weston is made a Radiowaves Champion School
Getting to grips with the Radiowaves equipment.
Tuesday 15th December 2009 by C. Freeman
Brooke Weston has been made a champion school for Radiowaves, an online station which schools can use to publish podcasts, videos and blogs. Only 30 schools of the 1,000 already signed up for Radiowaves have been given champion status, and they will help to develop new features and shape how the service develops.

Radiowaves Schools Manager, Christina Thomas said: 'We're really pleased with what Brooke Weston is doing on Radiowaves, so by making you a champion school we want to flag up the good work you do. We'd like champion schools to develop new features and give us some feedback on how we can develop Radiowaves more. People have got to work hard to get champion status so it proves you are doing a good job. Champion schools are the best and most active stations on Radiowaves, who set a fantastic example to the rest of the Radiowaves community.'

Brooke Weston first signed up to the service in April and since then students have uploaded reports on a wide range of subjects, both from school and extra-curricular activities. In addition to audio material there are also a lot of videos, particularly dance related, posted onto the site.

Mr Duguid and teachers from Corby Business Academy, Kingswood and Lodge Park who all use Radiowaves, recently met to talk over future plans. Mr Duguid said :'We were all discussing the success so far with Radiowaves, what we were doing really well and how we can work together. There are plans to do joint performing arts projects and we have now got a channel on the Corby Learning Partnership Radiowaves page. There's lots of talent coming through, particularly in Performing Arts, so it's a way of sharing video and audio material so each school can showcase what are doing.

'We want to develop more opportunities for students to go and interview people and we've got a Radio 1 producer coming up from London who will be interviewed by the students from the different Corby schools. We use it as an opportunity for students to blog about the work that they're doing so there's lots of different material on there. Radiowaves is a safe and secure social networking site where students can get their voices heard in a creative environment and we will be promoting it again heavily in the new year so if more students want to get involved then there's plenty of opportunity, they just need to get in touch.'

Mr Mark Bidwell, who has been instrumental in rolling out Radiowaves at Brooke Weston said: 'It's a really exciting time for us – being at the front of Radiowaves and leading by example! In line with some changes on the Radiowaves site we're going to re-launch Radiowaves at Brooke Weston on a new evening and with some new equipment. Students will need to keep their eyes and ears open!'

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