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Year 13 Yearbook

Thursday 8th October 2009 by C. Freeman
Calling all Year 13s – hunt out your old school photos and memorabilia as plans are now being made to produce your Yearbook. The publication is intended to be a keepsake detailing your years and peers at Brooke Weston. Depending on how much information is gathered it could be up to 80 pages long and will include photos, contact details and messages from tutors.

Next term an online poll will be put on the website so you can also vote for your friends in categories like 'Best Dressed' and 'Most Athletic'. William Downey is one of those who are co-ordinating the project so if anyone needs any more information or would like something specific featured then they can get in touch with him.

The print bill compared with the relatively small number of copies means that each Yearbook might cost in the region of £20 to £25 although, at this stage, costs are difficult to calculate and would depend on the number of students who would like to purchase one.

'I'd quite like to see a section in there from every single Year 13 student - during next term, we'll start to collate everyone's photographs and comments, so please start thinking about what you'd like to write now!' said William.' A collection box will be placed in the Library from Week 4 next term to collect all your photographs - these will be scanned and returned, so please make sure your name, tutor group and ID number are on the back. It would also be useful if you could list who's in the photograph and where it was. We'll try and include as many photographs as possible, but, just as a word of caution, if they're unsuitable, we won't be able to publish them!

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