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2010 Update - Work experience placements needed

Tuesday 22nd September 2009 by C. Freeman
Can you offer a work experience placement to one of our Year 10 students this summer?

Each year hundreds of our students are placed with local firms and they gain a valuable insight into the world of work, as well as self-reliance, confidence and maturity. We are really grateful for those who offer existing placements and are appealing to more local companies to help give our students a meaningful work experience.

If you can offer a placement at your company, or wish to have more details about the scheme, then please contact either Mr Andrew Primmett or Mrs Jenny Neighbour on 01536 396366.

Successful work experience placements

Many of our students received excellent feedback from their work experience placements this year with many being praised for their commitment and initiative. The students went to a variety of employers where they spend a fortnight learning about their chosen world of work. Mr Primmett and Mrs Neighbour organised the placements and they have been delighted with some of the comments that employers have written.

Mr Primmett said: 'This year the feedback has been exceptionally good with employers noting how diligently our students worked. It makes the whole work experience placement so worthwhile for students and employers and gives students an insight into working life.'

Here's the experiences of just a couple of them:
Cassandra Shipley worked at Thomas B photography based at Oakley Hay and she sat in on studio sessions and advised customers on hair and make-up. She said: 'I was mainly interacting with customers, helping them find hairstyles and colours that would suit what they were wearing if they were having a portrait session. The photographer, Tom showed me what makes a good photo, how the lighting works. Because he does portrait sessions he has reflectors and tries to reflect light onto the face which shows how beautiful the hair and make-up is. It has inspired me to do more photography on my own. It was really good experience.'

Toby Moss worked at the Stagecoach depot in Kettering, making sure the buses were clean and ready to go on the road. He enjoyed the work placement so much he is hoping to get an apprenticeship with the company. 'I did minor things like change the windscreen wipers, refuelling and cleaning. When you refuel it's got a clicker so you can leave the pump in and go and check the oil. Then you go and park it up and wash it, either manually with jet washes or in the automatic bus wash. I also did some steam cleaning which involves going under a bus with full hood and goggles and you come out with a filthy face. It shows how well the bus is prepared. Every time it goes out in the morning it gets washed and then when it finishes its shift it gets cleaned again.'

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