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Student sleuth spills sneaky secrets!

Student sleuth spills sneaky secrets!
Getting the low-down on the hoedown!
Monday 7th September 2009 by C. Freeman
Media student Carrie Bellamy is revealing top-secret information on Brooke Weston's next entertainment extravaganza. Since Mr Bidwell announced that something strictly exciting was being planned the students have been agog. Now Carrie has revealed on Radiowaves that secretive staff members are limbering up to give the performance of a lifetime.

A total of 18 staff are having strict tuition from Miss Duguid in the niceties of tango and waltz before they strut their stuff on the Brooke Weston stage on Saturday 21 November. Professional dancers will judge their efforts and they will have to win the hearts of the Brooke Weston audience to capture the 'best dancers' accolade.

PictureYou dancing? You asking?

It will be the must-see show of the year, and tickets (which are being sold in aid of charity) are bound to sell like the proverbial hot cakes when they are released. To get the up-to-date gossip and backstage buzz catch up with Carrie's reports on the Radiowaves site where she'll be regularly spilling the secrets with photos, interviews and a blog.
PicturePutting on a polished performance.

Carrie said: 'It's just trying to get a bit of gossip; information about what songs the staff are dancing to and what they are wearing. So far I've interviewed about six or seven teachers and have disguised their voices so students are kept guessing a little bit. It will be a really enjoyable show and each student will have a teacher they will really want to go and see, either to support, or maybe just to see if they fall over!'

An insider said: 'No-one really knows when we rehearse or where. It's a logistical nightmare getting everyone together for rehearsals and quite tiring dancing for an hour and a half. Miss Duguid is very forgiving and patient. It's enjoyable but I'm just not very good. I nearly took out another couple with a karate kick as I was spinning and doing a hesitation at the same time!'

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