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More GCSE success stories

More GCSE success stories
Gianluca and Joe.
Tuesday 1st September 2009 by C. Freeman
Congratulations to all our students who received their GCSE results last week. Here's what a few of them are planning next:

Joe Perkins and Gianluca Messore-Greenaway are both hoping to pursue medical careers and are now going to study biology, chemistry, maths and geography A Levels after their great results with Joe achieving 6 A*s and 7As while Gianluca notched up an A*, 9As, a B and a GNVQ. Joe said: 'I had no idea I would do this. German was the hardest to struggle through so I'm delighted with an A. It took hours of revision really so it all paid off.'

Grace Lyman is planning to study biology, chemistry, PE and geography at A Level after gaining 6 A*s, 5As and a B. Ultimately she would like to be an outdoor pursuit instructor or do a joint sport and chemistry degree at university.

Amber Powell was celebrating after gaining 7A*s and 4As. She said: 'I've no idea what I'd like to do eventually. It was a bit nerve-racking waiting but it was nice seeing everyone come out really happy with their results.' She is returning to study biology, English literature, French and geography.

Rachael Collins said: 'I'm over the moon and will definitely be doing biology' after receiving a raft of results including 3A*s and 6As. She will continue biology among other subjects at A Level as she would like to pursue it as a career.

PictureLauren and Harpreet.
Lauren Albrecht would like to be an educational psychologist or work in child protection after gaining 4A*s, 8As and a distinction in GNVQ ICT. She said: 'I enjoyed doing English literature and language best as the English exams had one question which you could get more involved in rather than lots of different ones.'

Harpreet Bhelley said: 'My best subjects were BTEC music and art because they were more creative and practical, I really enjoyed them, and biology.' She is planning eventually to either become a doctor or medical officer in the RAF with her 7A*, 6A and 3B grades.

James Coles is keeping his options open after gaining 4A*s, 6As, 2Bs and a Distinction in IT. He said: ' I feel elated and I'm definitely coming back to do biology, chemistry and maths.'

Rebecca Lathwell said: 'I was so pleased, the exams were so hard I thought I'd failed so to get good grades is amazing.' She is now planning to study biology, chemistry, English and business after gaining an A*, 5As and 6Bs. She would ideally like a career in pharmacy.

Tom Hoier got 8A*s, 4As, a Distinction in GNVQ and an AS Science qualification. He said: 'I suspected I'd done well and I did put a lot of work into it. I'm very happy.' A career in something lucrative, possibly chemical engineering, could beckon after he completes A Levels in chemistry, physics, maths and further maths.

Kate Matthews would like to be a primary teacher after gaining 4As, 4Bs, 5Cs and a merit in GNVQ ICT. She said: ' I'm really pleased, I didn't think I'd get this. My favourite subject was PE so I was glad I got an A in that.' She is now planning to study English Literature and PE plus other subjects at A Level.

Lucas Rowe gained 2A*s, 9As a B and a distinction in GNVQ and is returning to study biology, chemistry, sport and a language. Lucas was also successful in his judo this summer as he was ranked seventh at this summer's youth Olympics, having to overcome four opponents in the knockout draw to get his ranking. He wants to pursue judo as a career and is setting his sights to compete in the 2012 Olympics.

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