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High flying GCSE students

High flying GCSE students
Joe Hadden with his straight A results.
Thursday 27th August 2009 by C. Freeman
Jubilant students at Brooke Weston are celebrating great individual results with student after student leaving with result sheets studded with A* and A grades.

Joe Hadden got the most number of straight GCSEs, scoring 10A* grades, 2As and a further B while David Barry was celebrating his 9A* and 4 A grades. The highest scoring girl was Elin Carmichael who achieved 5A*s, 8As and a Distinction in GNVQ.

When the additional results of BTEC and GNVQ qualifications are factored in, each of which are worth multiple GCSE scores, the total of exam passes rises dramatically. Brendan Farrell achieved 17 A or A* rated grades with Jed Bellamy-Carter and Alexander Leach both attaining the equivalent of 19 GCSEs. Many students are already planning
PictureElin Carmichael and David Barry.
their A Levels and future careers with chemistry featuring prominently as a preferred option.

Elin Carmichael was one of the first to collect her results
She said: 'I was so happy to open my results and see these staring back at me. I was a bit worried about Sociology and English because they are so hard to take but I did think I'd done really well in a lot of things. I did a lot of revision leading up to the exams.'

Joe Hadden was also amazed at his results and he hopes to do three sciences and German or maths at A Level: 'Miss Stringer said it's a really good set of results, I should be really proud of myself and I should set my targets at Oxbridge. Biochemistry is what has stood out so far but I might change my mind and I'd like to do research or teaching as a career. I'd already got my science results last year but I didn't realise I was this well taught!'

David Barry is going to Reading Festival to celebrate his 13 top graded GCSEs. He said: 'I'm really, really happy. I couldn't have asked for better. Art took a lot of hard work because it asks a lot of you. DT takes a lot of your time as well. I'm coming back to study biology, chemistry, Spanish and one other subject.'

Brendan Farrell was another straight A student gaining the equivalent of 18 GCSEs. He got 7A*s, 6As and a Distinction in GNVQ and ALAN test, showing excellence in subjects across the board. He said: 'I had the worst sleep ever last night but was over the moon with my results. I did work hard consistently and I'm coming back to study biology, chemistry, French and Maths and ultimately I'd like to work in scientific research.'
PictureJed Bellamy-Carter.

Jed Bellamy-Carter would like to be a teacher or chemist after gaining the equivalent of 19 GCSEs with A* grades, a distinction star in BTEC Music and Merit in GNVQ IT, alongside 7 A and 3 B graded GCSEs and ALAN test. 'Miss Stringer said it was an amazing batch of results. I'm really pleased with my BTEC music because I love music. I quite like chemistry and German was an achievement because that's a hard one to get. I did try and I put in a lot of hard work and these results haven't sunk in yet.' He is now aiming to do Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Physics or German at A Level.

Alex Leach also achieved the equivalent of 19 GCSEs at A, B and C grades. He is planning to study chemistry, physics and maths at A level and is still debating his choice of future career.

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