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Students celebrate their success

Students celebrate their success
From left: Dominic Loak, Paul Dougherty, Rebecca Mee and Ben Johnson celebrate their exceptional results.
Thursday 20th August 2009 by C. Freeman
After receiving their A Level results in person from Principal, Trish Stringer, our Year 13 students are celebrating their fantastic achievements and looking forward to the future:

Ben Johnson

Got incredible results with A grades in all four of his A Levels; maths, biology, chemistry and geography. He said: 'The results haven't sunk in yet, but I'm really happy with them. I was going to do civil engineering at Loughborough but I'll have a gap year and think about what I really want to do. I'm currently working as a summer sports coach for the Borough Council. My parents are really supportive and they'll be chuffed to bits.'

Other high achievers were:

Dominic Loak

Who got A grades in English literature, maths and physics and a B in psychology. He is now going to study law at King's College, London with the option of extending his course to work abroad. He said: ' 'I woke up and checked on UCAS so I knew I'd done enough to get into my first choice but I didn't think I'd done this well. You don't find out your exact grades so there's still a little bit of mystery.'

Paul Dougherty

Is to study business studies at Nottingham Trent after securing A grades in maths, further maths and economics with a B in business studies. His three-year BA degree will include work experience in industry. He said: 'I thought about maybe becoming an accountant or something like that but I'll see what happens afterwards. I'm happy with my results - as long as I got to uni I'd be happy.'

Rebecca Mee

Was the highest performing girl in the year group, achieving As in business studies, English and French and a further C grade. She is now going to university in Birmingham to study law with French. She will spend her third year at a French university as she loves the country, having had work experience there on a sixth form residential.

She said: 'Originally I wanted to go to Paris but there's places where you can get work experience with members of the European Parliament so that might be more beneficial and give me more experience in the working world. It was really hard work at times but it has all worked out in the end. I tried my best and at the end of the day it did pay off.
'I really enjoyed French and English language as I found it really appealed to all my interests. I think it really helps if you are interested in what you are studying because you feel a lot more motivated to do extra work over and above what you have been asked to do.'

Laura Sawiak

Is due to study physics at Queen Mary, University of London after getting A grades in Maths and Further Maths and Bs in Chemistry and Physics. Ultimately she would like to become a Physics Professor.

Elliot Thurland

Got his first choice university of York with As in Maths and Further Maths and Bs in Chemistry and Physics. He will study maths and computer science and is also planning to have a year in industry as part of the course. He said: 'Ultimately I'd like a well paid job, probably in computer science but I can't believe how well I did in maths!'

Others students who were celebrating achieving two A and two B grades were Rachael Cross, Emily Davis and Lauren Robinson.

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