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Enterprise competition winners

Enterprise competition winners
Miss Stringer with CMS, who won Friday's Best Presentation category.
Tuesday 9th June 2009 by C. Freeman
Teams from both Brooke Weston and Corby Business Academy won categories in the recent Enterprise competition, coming up with a variety of unusual products.

Among the ideas were a walkie-talkie necklace and earring set, a high-tech pooper scooper and collectable doll charms. The first day of design and development took place at the students' respective schools while the second phase, when they had to make models and present their ideas, was at Rockingham Speedway where teams from both academies met.

The top ideas were presented to a panel of senior management from both schools who decided which team would win the Best Product and Best Presentation categories. As there were two presentation days, the overall winners were announced on Friday.

The Bullet team from Brooke Weston were awarded Best Overall Presentation while Back Room from Corby Business Academy, scooped the Overall Best Product award. They had designed a colour-changing vase as a gift idea.

The CMS team from Brooke Weston received the accolade of Best Presentation on the Friday session. They had developed 'Doll-It', supplying customised, collectable charms aimed at a teenage market.

Mr Peter Simpson, Executive Principal of the Brooke Weston Partnership, announced the winners. He told the students: 'I'm very proud of both our Partnership schools and all the teams have put in a tremendous amount of effort. Teamwork and team leadership are both important things to learn and if you were to take away from this experience of working as a team, to get to understand some of the challenges and difficulties that it presents, then you have had two days extremely well spent.'

The Brooke Weston teams were led by Mr Robin Neighbour from Young Enterprise East Midlands and the sessions proved so popular that they may become an annual event for Year 8 students at both schools.

Dr Andrew Campbell, Principal of Corby Business Academy said: 'It's been a brilliant event, it's been great to see the students in both schools working on the same types of activities and, of course, enterprise skills are at the heart of everything in the curriculum. It's been a fantastic experience and we look forward to doing it again next year.'

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