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Fermynwoods Art Gallery

Fermynwoods Art Gallery
Fermynwoods Art Gallery
Wednesday 10th May 2006 by C. Freeman
Creative students were inspired when they saw the work of three contemporary photographers. The Year 13 students visited Fermynwoods contemporary art gallery to view an exhibition by Gina Glover, Nigel Jackson and Gerard Mermoz.

Gallery owner, Rosalind Stoddart spent time with students, Amy MacLellan, Sarah Dorrian, Oscar Gaunt and Joe Stafford giving details about the photographers and their way of working. 'It's all about how these three photographers have collected different objects and made it a starter for their artwork' she said.

PictureRosalind Stoddart

Gerard Mermoz collected small figurines and photographed them in confrontational and unlikely combinations; a small black Napoleon figure next to a penguin, or a delicate male porcelain figure juxtaposed with a solid carved African sculpture.

Nigel Jackson created 'photograms' of the discarded plastic food wrappers that he threw out in one week in 2004 (putting them onto photographic paper and passing light through to create coloured shapes and outlines) while Gina Glover's 'scanagrams' were artefacts retrieved from local World War Two military sites. Harrington, Polebrook and Deenethorpe airfields yielded items such as defunct electrical parts, spent cartridges and anti-gas ointment, which were then ordered into patterns and scanned.

The exhibition has proved very popular with hundreds of visitors, and school children, visiting the gallery near Brigstock. It will move to two other galleries in Bedford and Birmingham.

Oscar Gaunt said: 'I liked the figure pictures best because they were well composed and because the two objects were so unconnected they were quite humorous.' Joe's project will be inspired by 'faces in nature' and Amy's will focus on objects that provoke memories, such as old photographs and artefacts from childhood.

'Their exam project is entitled 'Object and Objectivity' so this visit gave students an opportunity to see photographers' work at first hand.' said Kate Willoughby. 'It has really kick-started their ideas.'

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