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Countdown to Peru

Countdown to Peru
Jean-Marc, Christy and Stefan.
Wednesday 4th March 2009 by C. Freeman
Students are counting down the weeks until they go on the trip of a lifetime to Peru. The group of Year 11, 12 and 13 students signed up for the World Challenge adventure more than 18 months ago. Now they have just 18 weeks to wait before flying out there.

The students will be accompanied by teachers, Mr Nicholls and Miss Watts. They have recently geared up for the main adventure by going on a 'practice' expedition to Derbyshire where they spent three days walking, camping and testing out their equipment and fitness levels to make sure they are ready for the month-long trip to Peru.

Sixth Former, Stefan Lueke and Year 11 students Jean-Marc Roberti and Christy Bullock all went on the camp. Jean-Marc said: 'We went going to Buxton just to check how everyone was doing. One of the main things was to check everyone's equipment was working and team-building; things which will teach us how to survive in the wild.'

As well as buying equipment like heavy-duty sleeping bags and walking shoes, the students have to build their fitness levels, so they have the strength for the expedition. Stefan and Jean-Marc both play rugby and Christy does dancing so they have a good general level of fitness, though the practice walk gave them a chance to see how they will manage for real.

All three have taken part in fund-raising to pay for the trip and there are still more events planned such as bag packing at local supermarkets, to bring in more cash. As well as the initial cost of the trip the students also have to buy up to £900 worth of equipment and pay for essential vaccinations.

Christy said: 'I'm lucky with the fundraising because my mum has helped me arrange quite a lot of functions and raffles.' Jean-Marc has been selling sweets and Stefan has raised cash by doing odd jobs. After all the hard work and preparation they are all looking forward to finally being in Peru.

Stefan said: 'I can speak Spanish and have visited south American countries before, but I'm looking forward to experiencing a new culture and seeing how things are from another perspective.'

Jean Marc said: 'As there are students from three year groups going it will be great building relationships with people that I don't know yet, and also taking part in the community project out there.'

Christy said: 'The actual experience and all the knowledge and learning that we will get out of it is priceless.'

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