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Library staff changes

Library staff changes
Tuesday 24th February 2009 by C. Freeman
There has been a change in library staff recently as Ms Lexi Adams has taken over as Librarian while Mr Jamie Jones has been appointed Assistant Librarian. They are looking at the range of clubs and services they provide and there are plans to introduce new reading groups and literacy initiatives.

Ms Adams has been at Brooke Weston for three years. She started as Assistant Librarian and was promoted after former Librarian Mrs Heppell went to work at the University of Northampton. Now Mr Jones will bring a male perspective to the books and clubs offered by the library and he is hoping that he can encourage more boys to become regular readers.

He said: 'I wanted a bit more of a challenge, hence coming here and working with younger people which is the exciting bit for me. I'm hoping my passion for books will also rub off on the students. We're going to be looking at holding reading groups for some of the year groups and perhaps will introduce some after-school clubs as well.'

Jamie has a wide knowledge of books and the latest publishing trends having worked in Waterstones. He recommends '1000 Splendid Suns' by Khaled Hosseini and Jonathan Safran Foer's 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' as two of his favourite recent reads. The trend towards 'cross-over' books, such as the Twilight series and Harry Potter titles, which appeal to both adults and youngsters, mean there is a lot of compelling fiction that will capture even the most reluctant readers.

Ms Adams said: 'We have many keen students who use the library a lot and now we are looking at getting more of the reluctant readers to come and find something they enjoy. We are hoping to get more book clubs going. We want to inspire readers of all ages and abilities as there is plenty of good fiction out there which will appeal to them.'

She will soon take two teams of students to compete in the Northamptonshire Book Challenge. The teams will have to answer questions in different categories, testing their knowledge on 'Last Lines' and author Anthony Horowitz, who wrote the Alex Rider series.

She said: 'The library is going from strength to strength. It hasn't been too difficult to adapt to the Librarian role as I have been here for three and a half years so knew the library and the crucial aspects of the job. I am looking forward to working with Jamie and, with his wide knowledge of the book industry, he will be a great asset to the Library and he has certainly proved popular with the students already. The aim is that the Library has a welcoming atmosphere where people can work but also come along and get advice on what books they might enjoy. We aim to educate and enthuse students and introduce them to some of the best contemporary literature that's available.'

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